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BabyGirl - February 23

I wrote this in a different topic but mabye ill get more answers here ) - I find myself really reranging things in my house now ... organizing has really became a must latley! Im 30 weeks now so mabye im nesting! i only have 7 more weeks till my beautiful daughter arrives!! Because i had my first at 37 weeks the doctor thinks i will follow the same pattern. Anyone else feeling the same way and how many weeks are you?


BabyGirl - February 23



JP - February 23

I am 34 weeks and I find that I want to rearrange my whole house. I usually lack the energy to do so and some of the projects I am trying to conquer are a little out there (for instance I have this urge to go through all the bills that my husband has been "filing" (if you can call throwing things in an empty draw filing) and section them out in year, month, etc. Also this week I have house guests and my mom and sister helped clean the place up for me. Everything is so spotless I just want to keep it that way forever.


rk - February 23

Yep I'm the same way! I'm having a c-section next Friday. Yesterday for no reason I started cleaning out my china cabinet. Cleaning all the wine gla__ses & everything. I don't think the baby will care about what the wine gla__ses look like! lol Weird right?!


JP - February 23

I think of that too. Like the baby isn't going to care what things look like, why am I going crazy over all this? But I can't help myself.


redhead mary - February 23

I had my son at 35 weeks... and this time around im already 37 weeks and 4 days... I have been reorganizing, clenaing and nesting for more than a month now... errr... hahah... i cant wait to get it over with.... i hope you have the same luck as you did lst pregnancy... i hope everyday i will go into labour early again but no such luck back to cleaning and


lou - February 24

I think it's good in a way cause it's like you dealing with all the stuff playing on your mind - and just think when baby is here we certainly won't have time to worry about organising nothing but feeds and washing!!!!


stacey - February 24

I have one good day of "nesting" each week, then I over due it and end up resting the rest of the week (I am 37 1/2 weeks and have been off of work for a month now). This past Monday I organized bills and receipts, rearranged our 2 pantries, our freezer??, and threw out all of our bed sheets b/c they looked "old". So, then I had to go out and buy new ones. not to mention all the baby things that I have been cleaning, washing and organizing. it's amazing!


Kiddolebel - February 24

Im going crazy too babygirl! Should see how much stuff i got rid of of my sons too and organizing all his toys...old clothes etc. lol. Trying to find what I'll reuse with her or my next kid, etc. Its crazy! Hubby says im nesting..i tell him to be quiet and stop making fun. I use the excuse we have family coming down in two weeks, lol. But why would we need the nursery done and such if it was for family...shhhh =) Oh and im ONLY 26 weeks...but knowing she'll be here 2 or 3 weeks earlier is what is getting me. Least your house will be done before your little one gets here!! Just dont overdo yourself! Relax...I know easier said than done hehehe. Take care.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - February 25

BabyGirl, a friend of mine had her 1st baby at 37 weeks, her 2nd at 39 and her 3rd at 43 weeks. Just cos one has come early doesn't mean they all are.


BabyGirl - February 25

Lesley-> Really? I hope i dont go that late! Im just going by what my doctor said , she said it generally follows the same pattern. And i hope shes right :)



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