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HEATHER - March 7

is due tomorrow. I am, and just curious to see who else is and how you are all feeling?


Cevvin - March 7

im due the 16th and i feel like poo.... cant wait to be a mom and not just pregnant. Never really realized that I would be this uncomfortable. Good Luck


Natpink - March 7

Hi Heather i was due last Thursday, im not finding this fun at all, i am so fed up and i cant do anything without it being uncomfy. Im going into see my midwife tomorrow and she is going to try the sweeping of the membrane to see if that gets things moving. good luck to everyone else here.


mary b - March 8

HEY HEATHER!! I'M in labor!!! My contractions are like 10-15 apart, and are still pretty mild so i thought i would jump on here and say hi! I have been having bloody show and mucous plug loss too...I hope i have her today (our due date) How are you progressing?


gina143 - March 8

Good Luck MARYB!!! And the rest of you ladies!!!


HEATHER - March 8

OMG MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited for you!!! Lucky girl!!!!! I cant wait to hear about your birth story, hopefully things go quick and smooth for ya. Im still here :( I was 2cm yesterday and very thinned out and very soft, she did a sweep and I was crampy and lost a quarter sized chunk of bright red blood and have been kinda spotting here and there but nothing. Im sure ill be preg for some time still :( What a long day today will be! Good luck to you! I cant wait!


mary b - March 8

Heather, i am SO BUMMMED!!! I called my doc at 9 am w/ contractions 5 mins apart. they sent me to the hosptial and monitored me for 4 hours w/ NO progression! My doc said she couldn't even tell how much more i was dilated cause of the position of the baby's head?? So i guess i am still only 1 cm 50%.... :( i had no slept and they shot me w/ morphine and gave me 2 sleeping pills..i came home and slept from 3-6 that is IT!!! Now i'm not even contracting! THIS SUX!!! how are u??


HEATHER - March 8

Oh, no Mary!!!! I would be beyond bummed if I were you, why in the world did they give you meds? to try to stop your labor? were you getting contractions threw the night? Actually ive been having contractions for about 2 hours now, cross my fingers they stay around this time, they are quite painfull. So we'll see. Ive had false labor a few times so im not getting my hopes up. although all day today ive been having lots of mucus globs, and I feel pressure pretty strong down there, just had this feeling something was up then around 9 I had several decent contractions and I turned to dh and told him that tonight might be his last shot at me for a couple months and we had some intemint time toghether and they have been coming right along ever since. so we will see...


mary b - March 9

Heather, good luck to you!! They gave me the meds to help me sleep, I had not slept a wink the night before and they said it was important that i sleep before real labor begins...I'm sure i'll go soon, dh and were together last night to get things going but nothing yet...i lost more mucous too this morning so...keep me updated on you too!!


Faye84 - March 9

good luck to you guys, hope the labor goes smooth!


Natpink - March 15

hi all thought i would jump on and say that on saterday the 10th march i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she was 10 days late but well worth it, got to the hospital at 11.00 Friday night and had her at 1.00am saterday morning. everything went really well and she was a healthly 7lb 15oz, good luck to the rest of you awaiting your precious banys.


chriss - March 15

Hey ladies, I was due yesterday, March 14th, but no sign of baby's arrival yet. I have an appt with my OB next tuesday and he will schedule and induction if haven't had the baby by then! I'm getting very frustrated and anxious at this point!


Kristin11 - March 15

Congrats NAt, Heather and maryb have you had your babies?


Kristin11 - March 15

chriss i hope you go soon, it must be fustrating to go past your due date.


chriss - March 15

Kristin, thank you it is very frustrating you look forward to your due date for 9 mths and when it comes and goes it sort of sad, all day yesterday, I kept thinking that today is supposed to be my babies birthday and I know that the due date is just an estimate but it sort of gets in your head!


Kristin11 - March 15

Will they induce you if the baby doesnt come soon? Is this your first.


chriss - March 15

yes this is my first and I think they will induce me, but I hope I actually go before they do, I'd rather not be induced if I don't have to be, but if there are any concerns about the baby's health than an induction will be fine! Either way, I will have my baby by mid next week probably.............. What about you?



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