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Heidi - October 7

Okay, so my doc THINKS I have another UTI but I'm starting to think differently. The urine results showed protein but not much and some white blood cells but she said she was putting me on meds anyway and said my low pelvic pains and what I thought were contractions, were just bladder spasms. Okkkaaay....so I've been on the meds since Tuesday and it still feels the same. If the baby kicks it just hurts like h__l. Either that or the meds aren't clearing this one up. Second one I've had. I feel the pain the most when I'm sitting at work in my office chair or sitting at a table eating. Don't know if I'm putting pressure on it or what but when I got in the bathtub last night there was NO pain. Nor when I lay down really. Could this be something going on with my cervix or muscles stretching or something??? I don't have any pain when I urniate so I don't know what's going on. It's usually sharp pains that come and go and if the baby moves in that area, it hurts like h__l. I've been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice also. No pop or coffee. I'm done with that till this is all over!


Rikki - October 7

I get the same pains when she head b___ts me or she is punching it, I don't know. I am 39 1/2 weeks and this is very frequent.


Heidi - October 7

Me either but they really hurt!


Barb - October 7

it hurts me too when she moves on my bladder...I have to double over sometimes....I think it's normal and just another "bad side effect" to pregnancy...but you got me thinking..what if I have a UTI???? geeezzz....... i don't know Heidi. Just keep up your meds and the water that's all I would know what to do...you go back to your doc. next week, right???


GD - October 7

Oh god, i think i am going through the same thing.. i am prone to infections but this time i don't think i have one either... i have had this pain on my lower right side for the last 2 days, it is very sore, so i went to see the doctor and he sent me for an abdominal ultrasound.. i thought the same that maybe it is the muscles stretching but he thinks otherwise.. anyway i guess i will have the ultrasound and see what happens...but hey you are not alone....


Heidi - October 7

I think that's what I'm going to do. Just stick to the meds and tell her next week that it still hurts when she moves or when I sit a certain way. Now if I try to get up from the couch I get that horrible pinchy pain down there too. I really don't think it's a UTI but I'll keep on the meds anyway to be safe! Like I said, nothing burns or hurts when I pee and I've had UTIs before many times and that's what always hurt, when I peed. Nothing else. I hope this is over soon! No BH contractions either since that day I got the cramps so bad and went to the clinic. Nothing, nada, zip! Then I was at the vet with the dog yesterday and they were asking me about my due date and I said the 21st or hopefully earlier and they all laughed and said all first time moms think they're going early but they usually go over! OMG!!!!!! That would be just my luck too.



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