Ouch Toes In Ribs Human Punching Bag AH

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Cassie06 - June 4

I am 31 weeks, and this baby is driving me nuts!! I dont know if he has ran out of room or what, but it is killing me! He is kicking like crazy, he is more active now than he has ever been. His kicks and hits are so strong they are making my stomach hurt really bad and making me nauscious (sp?) This morning my ribs were hurting and I pushed on them to try to move him and I felt toes sticking out between them! Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything you can do or do I just have to take it? I dont know if I can stand this another 9 weeks!!


krista-lee - June 4

aww ca__sie! haha i was the same way! the little thing knocked the wind out of me a few times, even now it feels like he/she is trying to get right under my rib, so painful! what i do is rub the area where he/shes kicking to try and get him/her away from there lol


Trinity102203 - June 4

I don't have so much pain in my ribs as I do down toward my v____al area. Everytime the baby gets going, I have this sharp stabbing pain down there that is really annoying to me and very painful. I am 39 weeks.


Been There - June 4

LOL! Yup, same problem. There really isn't much you can do, but try to convince them to move. Good luck with that. You just have to take it like the rest of us. But take comfort in the fact that you're not alone.


Shannah - June 5

I am 30 weeks and I don't get really any painful kicks, everyone once in a while on the side of my stomach. weird, he moves all the time but nothing too painful! sometime i wish i could feel a good jab. i have had rib pain in my right side really bad since about 18 weeks, so when i sit i put it in because it hurts and he will usually kick back.


Nita_ - June 5

Ca__sie06 - yes, i used to feel the same pain in the ribs when I was around 31 weeks. Oh boy, they hurt soo bad and I used to feel the only way to releive it to stretch out on the chair by lifting the arms. and too bad I couldn't type/work in that pose! LOL!! Not sure if I ever tried to move or maybe I was just unsuccessful. I would tell u that they did subside for me in a few days but of course now (in my 37th week) the baby is twisting around alot and oh boy sometimes in hurts!! So yes, Shannah, you'll experience a good jab sooner or later!! LOL!



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