OUCH This Really Hurts

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waitngformyangel - November 10

[[ sorry if a little long]] okay for a couple of weeks now. [[maybe about 2 1/2-3 wks]] i have been having really bad pains. but i know its from my baby dropping. but like when shes pushing down it hurts so much i jump and sometimes i want to cry..also i believe i lost some of my mucus plug about 3 weeks ago [[it looked like snot *sorry tmi*]] and yesterday i had some pinching feeling which i guess were contractions. and today i had some ''period like'' cramping.but the thing that hurts the most is that cervical pressure i mentioned earlier. it hurts like idk... ill be talking and all of a sudden i just have to stop. lol. everytime soemthing happens or i make a face my sisters just like'' did your water break?'' im 17 and this is my first pregnancy [[37w2d]] and not really sure what to expect.does labor sound like its around the corner?? should i call my mom??lol. any advice would really help. thanks and god bless.


waitngformyangel - November 10

oh yah also im not sure if im dilated yet or not. they havent done an internal exam yet.they just did group b at my last one and i dont have my next appt til next thurs.


Iamamiracleangel - November 10

Ohh babe, I would call your doc.. I remember my contractions felt like a terrible period, but my water didn't break until RIGHT before I delivered.. Good luck! You're almost there:)


falafal0 - November 10

Well, if it's a short shapr pain, you're okay. WEll you're NOT okay, but you know what I mean, it's just the baby either moving over a nerve or against something that's not mena to thave that pressure there. I get the same pain lots of times and it's realy makes you jump. On the other hand, now contractions - those you wo't be able to dismiss so easily. They'll start from your back and wrap around to your front. And you'll get more and more of them more often and closer together. You may go into labour early, but for you peace of mind, perhaps try to move your appt or get checkout early. I do'nt know what contractions will feel like for you, each woman is different. I'm pg with our fifth at 38 w 3 d, and each one has been a bit different. Same as Iamamiracelangel, waters breaking listerally as baby comes out, so that always be a sign. Good luck...:-)



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