Our Midwife Flaked Almost 38 Weeks

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anne - July 14

Our midwife decided last night not to continue onward. this is the second time she has done this. She asked us to register at the hospital yesterday in case we need to birth there, and when we gave them her name and number as our midwife (she said she will be there to give the doctor our prenatal records, etc etc) she freaked out and said now she will be investigated! Turns out she is not even certified!!!!! She lied to us. and dumped us just as i am approaching my 38th week. i have low hemoglobin and we all decided to prepare for the hospital just in case, and then she calls me last night and asks to speak to my husband and not me - telling him she wont come to the hospital because "its a risk to my career and to my family" what career? Anyone know where to report this BS?


Sarah - July 14

OMG, that is terrible! Have you been seeing her your entire pregnancy??? I would definitely report her but where I don't know. Call your local police department & ask them cause that is a felony. Good Luck!


Katharine - July 14

That is crazy! So, you were going to do a home birth and everything? If your insurance was paying for it, make sure to let them know. They love to investigate things like that. I also would call the police. That is a serious infraction!


anne - July 15

i know, it's terrrrible. i am left out without a doctor. i am homebound (disabled) and she did this to me. she flaked out once before when i called her about my bp - she wouldn't come over to check it out!!!! when it turned out it was due to eating too much chocolate that day (it happens to the best of us lol), she returned to my home as if nothing was wrong. Now i am left to stay at home for as long as possible then schelp to the hospital - that has no available maternity rooms now because everything is booked. so i will be hanging out with other screaming mothers, no tv, nothing. i feel sooooo isloated.i cant even find a doctor that understands my disability that is willing to help. I am waiting for some records from her, then i will just call the police or the news or something. its bound to make headlines..


D - July 15

The people who really want to know this is your state medical board. I don't know where you live, but if you do a search, you should be able to find it pretty easily. From what I've seen in my state, nobody will do anything about her until the medical board has investigated her. Can you find any other midwife groups in your area? There are websites that list the midwife networks in most places in the US - of couse, I'm a__suming you live in the US...


D - July 15

Here - I couldn't resist trying to help you a little... check out this website listing of the medical boards in each state. http://www.ama-a__sn.org/ama/pub/category/2645.html (there should only be one hyphen "-" and it goes between "ama-a__sn"


D - July 15

Here's a midwife search... http://www.midwife.org/members.cfm?id=208 (no hyphens "-" in this link at all.)


anne - July 15

thank you so much for the info!!! She sent me my records today and a longggg letter explaning why she had to drop me. lied lied lied all through it. altered my records totally too. She wrote in my records that i declined to see a doctor! when she had convinced me that she could do all the tests and for me to see a doctor if something is wrong. I can't believe i am dealing with this BS 2 weeks before my due date. oh and to add insult to injury- she kept 1400.00 and gave only a 700.00 [email protected]!!


Kristin - July 15

Damnit i would sue her a__s!!!! How can someone put a 38 week pregnant woman through this bs????????????? I would call an attorney if i were you Anne, she is playing with the life of your child!


anne - July 15

we are going to ask advice of an attorney before we submit a complaint against her to the VA medical board. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. i feel sicker because of it, leaving me to think i should go into the hospital. i'm sure you ladies know how easily we can get upset n the last few weeks of pregnancy and how it makes us feel health-wise. i'm just so sad and angry!


cajun01 - July 16

Being so close to your due date, I would just try and find a doctor that will take you on or a more supportive hospital. Right now you need to focus on having the best birth you can under the circ_mstances. Once you have that taken care of, start pursuing this issue legally. Get your hubby or other friends/family to help out, since you will be so busy with new baby. Take care of yourself right now!


m - July 17

I agree with Cajun 100%! Put your focus on finding a doctor and hospital that will help you. Tell your regular General Practioner about your situation and see if they can help find someone for you, AND a hospital. Forget about that LOSER mid-wife for now. Deal with her later. I'm sure you'll be getting all your money back, plus more if you plan to sue. The question you'll have to answer though is did you check her certification, and why you chose her over a doctor.



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