Our Shamina Amber Is Here

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Mariefe - November 5

Hello ladies, i just want to let you all know that my c-section due to breech positon went very and we are now proud parents of a baby girl. I stayed at the hospital for 2 nights. I have chosen a half block epidural as highly recommended by anesthetic. I was awake and did not feel any pain at all from cutting, tugging and pulling during operation. My wound is heals very well without swelling and I can hardly see it. I cant believe how professional the doctors did it and the great services i recieved at the hospital! Only on the second day i felt the most pain and heavy bleeding. Now, im recovering well and i feel like im back to normal again. Our little Shamina Amber is doing great. She was born on 31st Oct at 2.33pm, 2.550 kgs and 46cm length. She is very small but healthy and very active baby. Although she is 10 days born early, she quickly learned how to be br___t and bottle feeded. She sleeps for hours day and night too with less cry. We fell in love with her at first sight.. If you like to see her picture, please send me your email at fewuertzathotmail.com (pls. change at to symbol). Im happy to share it with you. Good luck to other November moms who are waiting for their turns!


lil-miss-saunders - November 6

Congratulations :) Im glad everything went well! Good luck for the future :)


Mel Page - November 6

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on your healthy bouncing baby girl!! I'm gald your doing well aswell. God Bless


babylove4 - November 6

Congrats on Your Baby Girl!!!!! Blessing to You & Your Family. : 0 )


staci - November 6



Mariefe - November 10

Thank you ladies for the greetings. Its hard to believe that we are now parents of a lovely baby girl after 10 years married. We love her very much! she is the most wonderful blessing we ever had.! I'll be leaving the 3rd trimester forum now and will be joining the infant care. But sometimes ill pop by over to answer some of your threads.. I love this forum and a lot of ladies here are so great!Thank you and all the best to those still pregnant and waiting for their delivery date... Wish you all to have healthy pregnancy and healthy baby soon to come.



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