Over Due Anyone

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mariah - October 21

I am 4 days over my due date. I have even had my cervix stretched yesterday. I'm not dialated but I am thined out. Anyways..I'm starting to get really impatient. I know there is nothing I can do but wait. I just really don't want to be induced. How is anyone else coping? OH yeah..this is my first baby so I know that why I'm going over so long. I'm a stay at home right now too so while my boyfriend is at work I'm sitting here everyday by myself just waiting. What can I do? I really don't want to drink caster oil but if anyone has a good way to take it or what to mix it in than i'll try that. I can't have s_x right now. I don't know why I just can't do it. It hurts and it's uncomfy. Plus I think my boyfriend feels a bit akward doing it because the baby is so far down. Any tips??


kimj - October 21

i hear ya!! i am not due until the 14th but if you go by ultra sound the 7th. i am measuring to be 42 weeks though. i am also ready to have him. i am soooo tired of being pregnant and just want to see him. this is our second but this pregnancy has been so different. anyhow i have heard so many different things about catrooil thing. i will not try that. i am a daycare provider and a few of my mons have tried it and had bad experiences. but if you read on the site you will find women who did it and it worked and all was good. so who knows. i do know that if you decide to do the castro oil mix it with 5 eggs, this will help with the poops that you will get really bad. i think the best thing to do is have s_x. i have been doing this and having a small gla__s of red wine and it brings onsome pretty intense contraction btu not tru labor yet. the s_x is helping to soften cervix so it is doing something. as far as the head being low down so is my sons and you dont need to worry about hurting the baby he or she is fine. it can be hard to get into the mood believe me but it is like going to the gym you dont want to go because your tired or busy or just dont feel like it but once you go you feel good and your glad you did it.... hope this helps. just remember he or she will be here real soon. just keep cleaning and enjoy your last few days of no baby because things will change real soon... gl


lisa - October 22

i am due today, lost plug last night although not blood streaked, and had dioreha but nothing today, agh


Cora - October 23

Was due on the 21 st, but still nothing. Now 2 days past due :(


Jl - October 23

Still here too...I was due the 19th and am feeling like total c___p. I won't answer the phone anymore either, but then they just keep calling back and leaving messages "Where are you? Are you in the bathroom? You better not be in the hospital without calling me..." I just want to scream at them all! I will call when I go, but I'm obviously NOT going to ever have this kid, so I won't be calling anytime soon. I see my doc tomorrow and we'll set a final date for induction. I can't wait. I don't care if I have to have a c-section or what, but I so want to meet this baby!



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