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musicbaby - September 25

I am just 39 weeks and I am really and truly over being pregnant now!!!! I am so uncomfortable it not funny anymore! I have been having contrations (mild ones) for 5 weeks now. They are wearing me out cause they are just constant. The baby started to drop a couple of weeks ago and is now fully in the ready for launch position and I feel like I am carrying a bowling ball. Can no longer get out of a chair without help, have terrible back and pelvic pain, not to mention the heartburn!!!!! I am seriously feeling quite miserable and the thought of going for another 3 weeks is just awful. Grrrrr. Ok so I am having a particuarly bad day because I didnt sleep at all last night. I havnt even had a show yet! I thought that I had last week but it was such a little amount and nothing since then. Is anyone else as miserable as me? I could do with hearing that Im not huge and alone. :-(


BBNo2 - September 25

Hi I am 34 weeks with my second. I don't sleep anymore and if I have to bend over to pick something up one more time, I am just going to stay down there until it's time to go to the hospital. I am done too but they keep telling me I have 6 more weeks to go. I'm willing them to be wrong! If one more person tells me I must be having twins I am going to hip check them with this belly. At least it's good for that!! Take it easy and hopefully we will all be done with healthy babies soon!


musicbaby - September 25

LOL! Yes a huge belly would be good for that! It just feels like I have been waiting forever! At 34 weeks when these contractions started my midwife was saying "just hold on for another couple of weeks!" I was so scared of having him too early and am so thrilled that I have made it this far but it feels like I have been waiting on tender hooks for the last 5 weeks so uncomfortable and sore that at this stage it feels like if he doesnt come soon I am just going to scream! One week till due date..... just cant stand the thought of going over!!!!!!!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - September 25

I couldn't stand being pregnant either...although I didn't make it to 39 weeks, so I could only imagine. I have to admit tho that I really miss being pregnant. I cry when my daughter has hiccups because I miss the feeling. Ask your doctor about stripping membranes at your next appointment...maybe that will help things along.


musicbaby - September 25

unfortunatly they dont do stripping until your overdue here so I am just going to have to wait and see what happens.... Its annoying to cause they dont do internal checks unless they have to so dont even know if I am progressing at all. Surely I have to be right? I know that even knowing how things are going down there is no guarantee that you will go soon or not at least it gives you some hope! :-) Agh I should probably just go to bed and be done with today. :-)


docbytch - September 26

Right there with you musicbaby! 2 more weeks to DDay here and I am about as miserable as you. Plus my pelvic area is starting to have these shooting pains when I stand up. Baby is apparently "on the taxiway...but not cleared for takeoff" (sorry...DH is an airline pilot and comes up with all these a___logies). The pain overall seems worse since he descended further down. Not to mention that he is now over 9lbs. At least I have guarantee about the 2 week thing...csection is already scheduled so the 2 weeks is the max amount of time I would have to wait. Altho if he comes early there is a chance my DH would be on a layover somewhere....THAT worries me the most.


WP - September 26

Gawd! Me too! Everything is slow and laborious. I laughed when BBNo2 mentioned picking things up. I've turned into a complete klutz recently and when I drop things I really have to ask myself whether it's something that can stay there for a while or whether I should kick it over to a chair so I can sit down to retrieve it. I've been really lucky to have had such a great pregnancy, but now I'm starting to get cranky, irritable and short-tempered. I've got my MIL phoning EVERY DAY for an update, but I have nothing to report. I'm going to start making things up pretty soon. Like you musicbaby, I haven't had any signs, aside from a bit of false labour, and I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that I'll probably have to be induced 10 days after my due date just like my first. Sorry for the rant. It feels good to get it out, though.


aliciavr6 - September 26

musicbaby - I was in the same boat, except my baby hadnt really "dropped", I wasn't dilated and 80% effaced, which isnt much progress at all... I lost my plug thing at exactly 40 weeks and had her the next night. Just maybe you'll go soon. :)


first-timer - September 26

Okay so a total bitter answer but I am 41 weeks today and no sign of labour and totally over this pregnancy thing. I had an ultrasound today to make sure that the baby is still thriving and I actually hoped it wasn't so they would induce...What a horrible thought I know but I am so done! The baby is thriving and so I still have to wait.


afireinsideamanda - September 26

i feel your pain. 39 weeks today


WP - September 26

Not much longer, though, first-timer.


musicbaby - September 26

Oh ladies its bitter sweet but I have to say that I am glad that I am not the only one feeling so miserable! :-) At least we are all in the last stages though and cant be too long for any of us.... even if it feels like forever!!!! I think that I had my first real contraction about half an hour ago!! Havnt had anything since so probably just a false alarm. Had to stop moving and just stand still though and my tummy went ROCK hard, not like hard with a BH. So that was exciting..... it was probably just wind though! LOL!


musicbaby - September 26

first-timer, Oh! If I am feeling like this at 39 weeks then I am very sorry for you!!!!! At least you can be sure that you only have at the most a week to go.... well thats the case here anyway, they wont let you go more than two weeks over without interfering. GL!



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