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KimHart - January 19

What do would help me go into labor i'm one week over my due date and i have been trying everything i can think of if anyone has some ideas please help. this is my second child but my labor got induced for the first one.


Ginny - January 19

There's always walking and s_x. But I'm just about sore from both, so I'm not sure I really believe that - LOL!


mel - January 19

my doctor told me those were the only two things that could really help bring on labor as well. little dumplin' must not be thru baking yet. ;-)


Lia - January 19

Did they say if and when they'll induce you?


Supposedly - January 19

there are pressure points on your hand and ankles that bring on contractions. We learned about it in my childbirth cla__s but now I can't quite remember where. I would do a search. On the hand it is between the thumb and forefinger...sorry preggo brain!


Rachel.R - January 19

Im overdue aswell, im 40 weeks + 4 days, and I have tried heaps, S_x, Walking, Nipple Stimulation.. but none of them have worked for me. I have an appointment at the post dates clinic on monday, where we will discuss induction. I had an internal done wednesday just gone, and I was starting to soften, but not dialated at all.. so I think its induction for me. If anyone finds anything really good by monday... let us know :-) thanks.. goodluck kim.


Debi - January 19

Kim, I hate to tell you this, but myself and at least one other woman I know have never gone into labor on our own, had to be induced with all of them, she has 3 and I was induced with 2 of mine, the other was a scheduled c-section. I am convinced that my body doesn't produce the hormone to bring on labor. I tried everything too. S_x, stairs, walking, castor oil (that was really great :( Also with my first I lost my mucus plug about 3 weeks before I had her and was dialated 1-2 cm for a month and still nothing. I would ask them about induction, how late did they let you go with your first? Best of luck!!



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