Overdue And Induction

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Jeanan - March 1

by my last period my due date was feb.23 but by my first ultrasound at 20 weeks it was moved to march 1st...I know that is only a five day difference....at my last appointment which was a week ago I have not dialated or anything...baby is still high and has not dropped that much at all....I go back to the doctor on the 1st at 1:20....they are going to do an ultrasound to see how big the baby is and everything....if by chance the baby is measuring big what are the chances that my doctor will want to induce? this is my first pregnancy and not sure what to expect I am just so ready for her to come out and she is being stubborn...sorry so long but thanks for taking the time to read...


mel - March 1

very few doctors let women go more than 2 weeks overdue anymore. so he'll probably be scheduling your induction pretty soon.


jessielouwho - March 1

I was due 2/25, my doctor is making me go thru biophysical profile testing and a non-stress test this week, I'll go back to see him on monday the 6th. I too am not dialated at all and my cervix is not thinning. This is my first too and I don't think he's late, I think maybe my due date was miscalculated and sometimes people do go over. Anyway, I had an ultrasound yesterday, they said the baby is weighing 8lbs! I don't want to be induced, keep me posted I'm curious to know what your doctor says. Hope all goes well.


Jeanan - March 1

just wanted to give ya'll an update....they did my ultrasound guessing that baby weighs 7.4 pounds...i am still not dialating or anything my cervix has just thinned a little....i go back to the doctor on monday and if still nothing is going on then we will more than likely induce on tuesday or wednesday....I am excited knowing that I should be able to see my little girl by the beggining of next week..



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