Overdue Yet Again Any Encouraging Comments

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babynumber2 - October 12

I had my doctors appointment today, and i am 3 days overdue! My inductions is going to be on the 16th, and i really hate the idea of being induced =[ I was put on the drip with my first as well and boy was it bad! I really wanted to go by myself, but looks like this baby will have to be forced out as well. Also, i have NO dilation or effacement (did i mention this is my second baby?) and im getting very nervious about having to be induced! Anyone have any stories about going into labor last minute without dilation/effacement to make me feel better?


lissica - October 12

I just want to let you know that i understand how you feel. Although this is my first pregnancy but i am now 5 days overdue and going to be induced on monday unless he comes before then. i wish us both good luck in getting these babies out naturally!


DDT - October 12

Just to let you know that you can go into labour without previously being dilated. At my checkup (39w3d) the doc told me I was 70% effaced and 0cm dilated. I went into labour at 39w6d. It took me 11hrs to get from 0-4cm, and about another 4hrs to get from 4-10cm. This was with my first baby. It can happen!! 8O)


misshipz - October 14

1 day overdue here! no inductions being planned, which i would be ok with, but the doctor is a little unsure of my due date so he doesnt want t induce me...although i am dilated 1cm i feel like it's not gonna happen...this is my first baby, but she is taking her time on getting here :(


Greeklady28 - October 14

On a good note, Congrats for making it to the 40 week mark. I have a high risk pregnancy and I pray that I can even make it to my due date.


claire83 - October 14

I know how you feel all three of mine were over due i have no doubt this one will be too but with the first and second ones i went into labour the day before planned induction with the third i didnt



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