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LW - May 4

Hi all! Ok, so I may just be having the worst braxton hicks EVER but... last night I had SERIOUS ouch pain at the top of my belly and in my back. I'm 37wks 6 days today and haven't had anything like that AT ALL. It did come and go - not "timeable" as it was very erratic - and then it was sore all night - it was like torture to roll over! Today, though, I fell MUCH better, no pain at all, just a rolly polly baby having herself a great time in there! Are these Braxton Hicks? If so, I HATE THEM! lol Could it be a sign that things are moving along and my girl will be here soon? Thanks for any advice and help! Best of luck to all!


LW - May 4

I should also say that the pain felt like pulled muscles, kind of cramp-ish - but again it was up in the top half of my belly bump, not low at all. thanks again!


miraclebaby - May 4

sorry , I am not sure myself. I do know however that braxton hicks are preparing for labor, getting your uterus ready. :) :) :)


yourtrish - May 4

Hi LW. I'm only 22 weeks (and I often sneak onto this board because you gals have all the juicy postings :)...but I went for a walk at lunch today and felt exactly the same thing as you're describing. I'm a__suming I can't be in actual labour this early...and it was a short period of time...so I a__sumed it was Braxton Hicks. The only part that weirded me out was that it was soo high in my bump. Anyways, good to know someone else out there hates them as well :) Take care...


Tess - May 4

Hi LW! Im also 37wks/6days today and Im having my baby tomorrow :) *im getting induced* Nehoo...during the end of 3rd tri. braxton hicks can get really intense (painful) I would say. I also did experienced what you've been feeling, and thought this might it.......but the comes n goes. Hang in there! Everything you're feeling is normal during the end of your pregnancy.


LW - May 4

Thanks guys!!! I appreciate all the replies. No nothing going on today so I guess I will credit Mr. Braxton and Mr. Hicks (or any combination of the two names!) Best of luck Tess!!!! Just think, this time tomorrow, you may be holding the cargo you've carried for so long! Have fun!!



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