Packing For Hospital

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~E~ - July 7

At what point did you pack stuff for the baby and yourself? I am 30 weeks and have not packed yet... will be this week and next. I am planning to pack going home outfit, two onesies, mittens, socks, cap, receiving blanket, diaper and wipes for baby. For myself: hospital outfit, coming home outfit, radio, personal hygiene stuff, a book, some snacks.... Please share your ideas and plans.


KH - July 7

I would start packing at 34 weeks. also bring your phone #'s to contact people. I would pack a few outfits and at least 4 onesies (they spit up alot) :)


~E~ - July 7

I was under the a__sumption that the hospital provided the baby attire during the hospital stay. Am I mistaken?


Christina - July 7

Yeah I am pretty sure they do, but you can bring your own if you want to.


KrisD - July 7

I hope they do - I guess I can throw a few onsies in the bag though. I was under the a__sumption we wouldn't have too much to pack for the baby anyway... Do we really need diapers and wipes? Geesh, we pay so much for hospital stays, you think they would be providing something...


tara - July 7

the onesies and diapers they provide are extreamly basic. so you can take your own if you want to. Like the hospital here gives out washable diaper cloths to be used not and the outfits are old and worn out. After I saw what they give you during the hospital tour I've decided to take my own. Every hospital is different so you might want to check what they will be giving you.


tara - July 7

oh, and I'm 35 weeks now and planning to pack next week.


monica - July 7

I am 37 weeks tomorrow and I still have not packed. But I also start maternity leave as of 7/11 so I will be packing it then. I plan on packing onsies, socks, hats, and a going home outfit for baby.


KrisD - July 7

This may be a stupid question, but if I keep dressing my baby in onsies or a hat or socks, I understand these things get soiled easily. Will the hospital make sure I get my soiled items back? Can you tell I am a first timer here....


~E~ - July 8

I guess more onesies for the hospital stay. I would like to know the answer to KrisD's question also.


Jennifer - July 8

I would say you would take your soiled stuff home with you. I can't see the hospital cleaning it for you. At least they don't where I am from.


KrisD - July 8

I guess I meant, won't my things for the baby get lost in the shuffle? I mean, babies lose socks... And if he soils his onsie will they bring it to me? I think I am just a little nervous and confused about the whole hospital stay!


Michelleb - July 8

Hey girls. Just want to recommend checking with your hospital what they provide. Our hospital provides nothing...we need to bring everything for baby from wipes, diapers, clothes, lotion, everything and anything a baby would need, plus pads etc for mom. Wouldnt want to be stuck without!


tara - July 8

KrisD, I think it depends on the type of hospital you are going to. The baby stays with us in our room the entire time and all the rooms are single occupancies. So if the nurses know that the baby is wearing his/her own stuff it's harder to loose them. But if you are sharing a room and the baby isn't with you in your room then it's easier to loose items. I would check with the hospital. they also go through a lot of onesies so if you are taking your own you need to make sure you have enough for a couple of days as you won't be able to do laundry. I'm counting on some hospital itmes of clothing and some of our own. I don't know how that willl turn out though. But I will have a going home outfit separated for sure.


KrisD - July 8

Thank you Tara!


babygirl - July 8

i think is better if you check your hospital.. the one i'm register gives u everything from pads to diapers until you check out


Katharine - July 8

Last time, my hospital provided a bag of newborn diapers, wipes and little wrap around shirts for baby. I don't plan to take anything beyond a going home outfit w/ socks and nail clippers.



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