Packing For The Hospital

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Evonna - May 3

My bag -camera -loose fitting clothing -personal care items (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) -slippers -socks Baby's bag -car seat -diapers, burp cloth, wipes.. -blanket, warm clothing is there any more i need to add, any suggestions? Thanks! = ]


ARD - May 3

Maybe some magazines or a book for you and a baby book to record any feelings/thoughts you may have that day. Also, a baby "going home" outfit/onsie w/cap....I may take a little make up - not that I'll care what I look like, but just in case...:o) Hope that helps! :o) How far along are you??


3-4me - May 3

It's always a good idea to bring a nightgown and a rope. It's much easier than a 2 piece pajama set. You will have people coming to see you and you want to be comfortable. Beside that it's much more accessible for when you make those trips to the bathroom, which will seem to take you about an hour every time you go because of all the maintainance down there that will have to be done.(if natural deliver) You really won't need too much as far a baby stuff(just the clothes) The hospital takes care of the diapering and burp clothes and wipes while your there. Also don't forget that one outfit for pictures if you plan on getting them done in the hospital. Oh shampoo and conditioner for your hair too. The hospital shampoo sucks! Also dont' forget a cell phone or a calling card so you don't run up that hospital phone bill. You sill be wanting to make calls and won't care about what it cost then, but will notice when the phone bill comes. Hope that helps!


3-4me - May 3

Oops.... I meant a robe(for your nighgown) in my last note and also I forgot to mention another nice thing to have if you don't is one of those inserts for your baby carrier. They have the singe head supporter, but I recommend that you get one the littler ones that goes inside of that. It supports baby's head much tighter so his head won't wiggle around like a wet noodle around corners and such.


Prissanna - May 3

I'd leave off the diapers and such. The hospital provides them. How about makeup? Curling iron? Hairdryer?


miraclebaby - May 3

I also heard you can't use wipes for a while, you don't use them right away. Just a warm wash cloth. Not sure, but thats what I heard


iakram - May 3

Hi Evonna, bring diapers for the baby. While some hospitals provide them others don't - You may want to call or ask other's who have been to the hospital you're going to. Don't forget pads - you'll need them too!! Again depends some provide them others don't. Prisanna - lol hairdryer, curling iron...


BabySage - May 3

Not all hospitals provide diapers for the entire stay. you should check with yours. Mine only provides for the first 24 hours and they keep you for 36-48 hours so they say to bring some diapers with you.


Evonna - May 3

Thanks yall, i am actually writing all this down. ARD, i am 26 weeks pregnant and may have risk for pre-term labor.


Evonna - May 3

but if luckily i don't have pre-term labor atleast i'll have everything i need when i do get to the hospital. =]


mommietobe - May 3

Hi Evonna these extra things really helped me. Lip balm, b___st pads and regular pads. Snacks for you. They will feed you but my hospital didn't provide snacks and I was starving. Oh, and have someone bring in the car seat so you can fit baby into it before you leave, you won't want to mess with the straps and re-adjustments, you'll want to get out of Hope this helps


Tess - May 3

Just incase....bring your own sanitary pads (for bleeding after) or if you prefer the ones that they have. Umz...Phone #'s to call to annouce the birth of your baby. :) Everything is pretty much covered by other posters.


mom.2.5 - May 3

My past experiences has taught me alot....bring your own pads, and i would get the overnight thin ones, because you'll have to change often. The big ones were so uncomfortable compared to the skinny ones. and bring a few pair of underwear, the diaper like ones the hospital provide are awful. my hospital does give you 2-3 pads you can squeeze and they turn very cold, but don't really catch anything, but atleast it does make it feel a little better down there for a few minutes.And don't forget a razor, you may need to spend a few extra days. you never know...


SuzieQ - May 3

Chapstick! I keep reading that you will get dry lips from breathing through your mouth and will want to keep your lips from getting too dry :)


3babies - May 4

If you end up having a c/s you will do well to get some of those big nanna knickers ... very attractive, but the bikini type will sit right on and irritate the scar ... and a g just wont do with the enormous pads you need! Also I couldnt believe how much I appreciated scented soap/body wash in the shower, as I felt so yucky afterward! Also a big v cushion is fantastic for labour, but especially for b___stfeeding!


Emily - May 4

Take along lip balm. Your lips will get so dry durring labor, trust me and bring your cell phone or coins for the pay phone and a list of numbers to call. also pack some snacks or money for vending machine. You will not feel like eating but your dh or bf or labor coach will. Also cash so he or she can get somethign to eat either in the caf or at a neatby resturant. The hospital will feed you but not him once the baby is born......alos your own brand of pads and if you are nursing b___st pads (disposable are so much better than washable, they tend to leak) Also won't need much for baby, most hospitals provide special wipes and diapers for the baby, check with yours to be sure....


Lindsey - May 4

Lolly's or candy for labour aswell, they are great to suck on and it stops your mouth from going dry



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