Packing My Bag

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Tammy in Canada - March 10

Hi Ladies, I am 39 weeks today and am in the process of packing my bag for the hospital. I am trying to figure out what size I will be when I leave the hospital. I have heard that most women are approx the same size they were at 6 mos - has anyone else heard that or does anyone have any advice? I don't know what size pants to pack! Thanks gals!


Cabbie - March 10

I have always left in maternity clothes.


Chan - March 10

When I left the hospital (I only stayed for 1 night) I lost 8 pounds, but I still looked very pregnant, I had to were maternity clothes for a few weeks after I delivered.


m - March 10

I personally took stretchy pajama pants and loose nursing tee shirts to the hospital to wear in place of those hideous gowns! To have something besides bed clothes to wear home, I took some of the clothes I wore in early pregnancy. Comfort is the key. The last thing you are going to want is to be uncomfortable! Best of luck to you and congrats!!


Shawna - March 10

The nurses at my prenatal cla__ses advised us to wear the same clothes out that we wore in (unless you are leaking fluid on the way to the hospital)... so it will be maternity clothes for me. Actually, just maternity pants... I've been wearing big long regular shirts instead of buying "actual" maternity shirts. They said that lots of women expect to leave in their regular pre-pregnant jeans, and are disappointed when they (obviously) can't. I was reading a birth story and looking at photos online the other day, and the lady featured in the story looked just as pregnant even a few days after birth as she did the day before she had her child. It was a convincing argument for wearing the same maternity clothes home as you wore to the hospital. Plus, less to pack!


Tammy in Canada - March 10

Thanks so much for all your advice. I like the 'less to pack' comment for sure! Good luck to everyone - safe deliveries and healthy babies for us all!


to Tammy - March 10

Yes, all I hear is to bring maternity clothes. You won't be in your regular clothes for at LEAST six months, probably more like nine or twelve months though. The weight you lose in the hospital doesn't change that your body is all stretched out (sorry for lack of better terms, lol).


Amy - March 12

I have always heard to pack maternity clothes that way you will for sure be comfy when you leave to go home and all. I am packing a regular pair of pants and shirt and also a maternity pair, just incase:)



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