Packing My Bags

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carol23 - June 29

ok....... I'm 30 weeks along and we're getting ready for our big move from Germany to Florida, but first, we're going to Texas to visit family and do some important stuff. My hubby is military. We get our first shipment of personal belongings sent out in exactly a week. That stuff should take about 1 1/2 - 2 mos. to get to our next base. In that shipment, I will be sending off most of the baby's stuff ( carseat, stroller, crib, basinet, br___tpump , clothes, baby wash, etc...) . I will also be packing a "just in case" bag for me and baby, so just in case I go into labor before all the stuff gets there, I will have enough things to last until our shipment gets there. My question to you ladies is....... What stuff do you all think I should pack in my bag? I have set aside 20 onesies, 3 pairs of booties, 3 hooded towels, 3 washcloths, 2 regular blankets, 2 receiving blankets, 2 burp cloths, and a bundle me (like a blanket, but ready to just put baby in and wrap . Oh, and 2 pacifiers. Am I forgeting anything? Keep in mind that the baby will be born in Florida or Texas(if he comes early) so they're both warm weather places. And this stuff is just in case our shipment doesn't come in before the baby is born.


mcatherine - June 29

I'd actually take out one of the hooded towels and add in a few more receiving blankets in its place. Newborns need protection from the bright sun, so I might toss in a hat just in case. Good luck on your move!


carol23 - June 29

thank you! This is my first baby so I'm a little scared.


Mingill - June 29

I might go with a few more washcloths, you never know how often you'll need to wipe up spittle, and definately some sun protection. I a__sume you're b___stfeeding, as I don't see any bottles on your list, but you will need b___st pads for yourself. Good luck with the move and I hope all your stuff comes in well before baby gets here.


august baby #3 - June 30

don't forget your carseat, most hospitals will not let you leave without one. Also some mittens and bottles (it might be a while before your milk comes in). also, my milk never came in. i tried b___stfeeding twice so bottles would be needed. good luck on your move.


Heather - June 30

I would pack more burp cloths. I go through about 5 of those a day between spit up and drool. I would also add some footed sleepers. I live in Texas so I definitely know the heat but we keep it cool in our house so the sleepers keep him nice and cozy during the night.



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