Packing Your Bags

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sahm2alaj - October 22

Has everyone already packed their things? When should I start? I'm only 27 weeks now, but tend to go into labor 3-4 weeks earlier. I would have to pack for not only me, baby and hubby's hospital stay, but for my daughter and son as well. Should I have begun bags or is it too early? I can't remember for the life of me when i packed for the other 2!


claire83 - October 22

lol im on my fourth baby im 37 weeks and i havent packed anything but it wont take me five mins as everything is in drawers ready to put in think i may do it tomorrow though as your post just reminded me to do it lol, saying that im always two weeks late with my babies anyway


Pearl - October 22

I packed around 35 weeks...then re-packed about a week later....I re-packed, once again, on Saturday. I am 38 w 2 d now. I had to pack for my older kids as well. I packed 3 days worth of things for them along with snacks and side dishes for their lunches (the oldest is in the first grade and brings her lunch to school).


DaBonkElsMe - October 22

I am 33 weeks, and haven't even thought about that yet. I mean I have been looking at the clothes people have given us and trying to decide what to bring for his first picture and what to bring him home in, but I haven't packed a bag. I think around 36 weeks is a good time to start thinking about that since 37 weeks is considered full term and you could feasably go at any time after that. However since you know that you've gone early in the past, it can't hurt to be prepared!


emfine99 - October 22

Wow!! I'm almost 36 weeks and still haven't packed anything! I haven't even really thought on what to take yet! Then again, I don't live too far from the hospital so if someone needs to come home and get something for me, it's not a problem.


Erins Mom - October 22

I'll probably be packing in the next couple of weeks (I'm 31 weeks now), that's the goal anyway! I'm getting anxious to get things done, so who knows, maybe sooner. I had my dd at 36 1/2 weeks, so I'll have them ready this time (I'd partially packed last time, but hadn't finished when I went into labor) so that there's no mad dash, as you always forget things when that happens.


sahm2alaj - October 23

Whew! I feel MUCH better. I guess i just have so much going on right now, that I am afraid to forget something so I am trying to get everything done. Believe it or not I am completely done with Christmas shopping! Packing the bags is one less thing i have to worry about until about another 6 weeks or so! Thanks ladies!!


Pearl - October 23

Done with ALL of your Christmas shopping? You are CRAZY! I have about a quarter of mine done and I have no idea how I am going to get the rest done! It seems like there isn't enough time in the day to go the extra mile and get that stuff done! You are superwoman! lol I have SO many people to buy for left on my list!


sahm2alaj - October 23

LOL! I know i am insane! I just hate crowds and cannot imagine being 8 months pregnant at the mall! So i made my list (which is extremely long) and began writing down ideas for each person. I am the queen of on-line shopping so i got most of it done that way and the kids were super easy because i just hit Toys R Us and got most of their gifts at once. Hubby threw them up in the attic and we are all set. The only thing I am NOT looking forward to is gift wrapping!!!!


Pearl - October 23

I always procrastinate the wrapping! It takes so long! I have a HUGE (small bedroom sized) walk in closet and a chest that I store everything in. I was cleaning my closet a couple of weeks ago and realized that I don't have half enough shopping done. I am going to have to do it with a newborn...I should have thought ahead! You've got it together!


DaBonkElsMe - October 23

OMG - I can't believe you girls are talking Christmas shopping!! I haven't even thought about it! But it makes sense to get it done early this year!


alirenee86 - October 23

Good idea of you to go Christmas shopping early then because I find it VERY annoying to be in a mall these days as I'm constantly looking around for a bathroom. I think I'm pretty much prepared baby-wise at 37 weeks now, just didn't pack my bag, baby's and hubby's yet but will take me no time flat. QUESTION...hubby doesn't necessarily stay over from what I understand?? We have a dog and we were both a__suming he'd be staying over with me but after talking to some people, I hear they don't sleep over at the hospital?? Unless of course you're in labor in the middle of the night...anyone??


Kiersten - October 23

Alirenee, I think it depends on the hospital. It's the "norm" at my hospital for your spouse to be able to room in with you, as well as the baby. Have you asked your hospital what their regulations are? I would start there and if it's not something they do regularly, maybe see if you can get it set up when you fill out all the registration stuff and meet with a financial adviser? Good luck- sorry I couldn't be more helpful!


alirenee86 - October 23

Thanks, Kiersten. I have a dr appt today and will ask the gyno as they're affiliated with the hospital and should know. I"m sure he absolutely can and is welcomed to if I wanted as it's an excellent hospital, just startede to sound like there's really no need for him to be sleeping in a chair all night. I don't know. So new to this! I'll ask and pack a bag for him just in case of course. I really don't want to be in there myself any longer than I have to!


Pearl - October 23

Originally our plan was for both of us (my husband and myself) to stay in the room together with the baby. We have set the older kids up to stay with grandma. Due to the fact that the marketing department at my husbands work is overwhelmed and understaffed, he might only stay the first night. I am having my c-section tomorrow morning so I should be out on Friday afternoon. We actually aren't sure what we are going to do yet. I have packed him a bag with some extra clothes and PJs and put it in the van so that it is there if he wants to stay, but I am not sure how things are going to go. If all else fails and he can't stay, but I need someone, my mom can leave the kids with grandpa for the a night and she can come stay with me. Otherwise we are going to play it by ear. I didn't want to be alone in the hospital at all with my first two kids. I think it's more of a personal choice at most hospitals...I would check it out....maybe pack him a bag and bring it just in case he can't leave the baby;s side--that's how new dads are. Good Luck ladies!


claire83 - October 23

lol xmas shopping ive had that half done already as if i go over the last thing i wanna be doing is trawling the shops when i should be getting rested as much as possible and it'll be cold taking a newborn out so much, i do normally leave it till a couple of weeks before xmas though


tish212 - October 23

I understand exactly where u r pearl...I'm not due till after xmas....but hubby just got promoted at work and has to work much longer hours and is in charge of a lot more... he is also on call every I doubt he will be able to take off more than a day or so... and I doubt he wil be able to stay in the hospital with me (which is scary cuz this is my first) he has no one that can cover for him either so I'm stuck in the same position.... I haven't packed a bag yet... I'm such a procrasinator...and xmas shopping pffft! haven't even thought about it...but I do most of my shoppin online anyways...hate dealing with the crowd in the mall.... guess I better get my but in gear cuz it all is happening at once..xmas..then 2 days later new can u say hectic!



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