Pain After Bathroom

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musicbaby - September 22

Hi again everyone. I have been getting these cramps for a little while now but was just wondering if anyone else is getting them too? When I go to the bathroom to urinate I usually get a period like cramp once I have emptied.... I get these cramps at other times during the day (I'm 38 weeks) but always much worse after the bathroom. Its not a urine infection as I have been tested for that. I do get punched and shouldered in the bladder A LOT which causes quite a bit of pain, I actually had some blood in my urine awhile ago which was not an infection but damage to the bladder... so I was wondering if maybe my bladder is just a little sensitive because of that? Or maybe its normal? Anyone else shed some light on this?


afireinsideamanda - September 22

ask your dr about the possibility of interst_tial cyst_tis...


Allisonc79 - September 22

Sounds as though the pain is from your bladder which isn't normal.I never had pain urinating, but pressure from the babies head did hurt that area alot. I would check with your ob on this one.


musicbaby - September 23

Thanks ladies. I have asked my dr and he didnt really seem to have an answer for me. Everything is all good with the pregnancy and because I am so close now the advise was to wait and see if the symptoms go away once I give birth..... its amazing how little the drs actually know about pregnancy I reckon. They say 'everyone is different' and what they are really saying is that they have no clue. Just really wondering if anyone else had felt this, but guess its not really pregnancy related... or its just me! :-) I will ask about that interst_tial cyst_ts thing thanks amanda.... I'm going to go and look it up now as am not sure what it is. :-) Thanks.


afireinsideamanda - September 23

well the reason i say is because it sounds like me. dr said i may have it too but theres no way to know or treat it until after pregnancy... so whatever. but its basically when you have symptoms of a uti with bladder damage and no infection... ive had it ALOT.


musicbaby - September 23

Ananda, thanks. Next time I go see my Dr I'll get the low down on it. Its annoying whatever it is. Would be good to get to the bottom of it. I googled it yesterday and a lot of the symptoms do sound familiar. :-)



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