Pain And Pressure

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Stacey - July 19

I am in the last month of my pregnancy. I am currently experiencing unbelievable pressure and intense shooting pains in the va___a area. Any ideas what may be causing this?


Angela - May 20

I am also in my last month of pregnancy (37 weeks) and experiencing the exact same thing. I think it is just the baby pushing down and the bones spreading getting ready to deliver. But sometimes it can be very painful and almost "floor" you. I am also concerned. Let me know if you find out anything else.


Donna - June 19

Taht is normal, Im on my third, and with my 2nd child I thought he was going to fall out by himself, thats how bad it hurt, my question is,is it normal to be gasping for air in your 32nd week?


Melissa - June 19

The pressure is your baby dropping and getting ready to be born. The shooting pains are from the pressure on your nerves in that area. I had the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy and my OB told me what I just told you. It is normal, natural and a good sign that you are well on your way to have a beautiful baby!


mjs - June 22

I am on my 30th week of my second pregnancy. The pressure started at 26 weeks. I have used a maternity belt which helps very little. Now, I am in so much pain I get nauseous. I believe I dropped this week too. Isn't it a little early to be dropping already?


juley - July 19

sounds like your baby is dropping into position, so everything seems to be progressing as it should , looks like it wont be long till your holding your lil one , good luck honey xx


jessi - January 10

Im thrilled to find out that other people are having this same feeling. IM 36 weeks and jus thad that paine. Im excitted. My baby is coming!!!


Nikole - March 10

Your little one is moving towards the birth ca___l and sitting on the nerves surrounding it. It's normal and don't be afraid if it gets stronger. When I carried my twins, I couldn't even walk because of the pressure. The best thing, I found, was to elevate my feet while laying sideways.


Anna - March 12

I am 36 weeks and have been on bed rest for 10 weeks. I thought the pain in my pelvis and in my belly was from being immobile but learned it was ligaments. It can really be unbearable in the evening especially to stand up and to move from one side to another. It is good to hear others with the same problem.


Victoria - May 25

Im in the begining of my third trimaster and I am also having horrible pain in the v____a area. While Im lying in bed, I go to turn over and I cant because of the pain. Lifting my legs or even just getting out of the bed is so painful in the v____a area. I would describe the pain like a throbbing aching pain. Like someone kick me or punched me . Is this normal?


Maddie - May 26

I find it extremely painful in the arches of my feet whenever I stand up from sitting, or from laying down!! =( I have the worst feet are like can literally MOLD THEM! =*( SOB


To stacey - May 26

I am having my baby tuesday and I went through this as well. I asked my Doctor what it was all about and he said that they were pressure pains and nothing to worry about. I had them with my first pregnancy also. Doc told me that they were from the baby pushing on some nerves. if they get really bad and last more than just a few min. call your doctor and have yourself checked. You can never be to careful


Nicole - July 6

I am in my 34 week and I get some major pains in my back and also some cramping they do go away but they concern me has anyone else had this problem?


anne - July 6

i have the shooting pains too and was examined last night and was surprised to discover i am already 50% effaced. i am 36 weeks and 4 days along and didn't know the shooting pain was a "good" thing. good luck!!!!


KH - July 6

it prob means that you are effacing. also look up "round ligament pain" in google - that may be it too. :)


amber - July 11

I went to the doctor for this today actually. He said it's the baby pushing on the cervix area and hitting the nerves... he said it is very normal and can be very painful. He basically said hang in there!!


Brandy - September 16

I myself is going though the same thing, i'm in my 25th week and i hurt like crazy, i mean it kills me to even walk or stand, i get pains in my v____a area, my b___t, my back and lower stomach, and it seems to help when i lie on my side or elevate my legs, some people said they think i'm having twins but just have to wait to see....NE thoughts on this.....



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