Pain Hips Legs And Heals

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~in pain~ - October 14

I work at a job that requires I stand my entire shift. Luckily my boss is a little understanding and has offered me 4-5 hour shifts instead of 7-8. However, Occationally I will get a shift that is 6.5 hrs and after that I am in serious pains. My hips, which feels like its in the bone, ache so bad I couldnt sleep on either side, I had to half lay on my tummy with a pilly under me so that I wouldnt be completely on it, or half way on my back with the pillow behind me so I would roll onto a flat back position. My legs (thigh and calf areas), feel like I ran a 3 mile race,and my heals!!! My heals every time i stand up after a shift like that, for at least 2 days, are tingly, sometimes I lose feeling, and fall back on my bottom while trying to stand, as I walk it feels like tiny lil needles being shoved up in them. I shouldnt complain, I know, i'm lucky to have only had few problems, and I know i'm lucky to be at work, with an understanding boss. But anyone know of anything that would help me sleep or stop the "numbness" in my heals?


holly - October 14

sorry to hear about that. My job also requires me to stand. Is there any way you can have a chair next to you. if not, i would get a little stool to prop one leg up on. Alter each leg every so often. As for the pain in the hips, i struggled with that through the entire 2nd trimester. I hardly slept at all! I did finally have a breaking point with my dr. and she told me i could take tylenol PM (regular strength) if i really needed to get some sleep, so i did. I only took it once or twice because i still felt bad even though she said it was absoulutely fine. I slept really well though:) I am now 35 weeks and have pretty much gotten used to it. My hips don't ache as bad. I still can't lie down on the same side for too long. I wish i could tell you something to help your heels. Ask your partner/hubby to rub your feet every once in a while. I was getting pedicures every few weeks, you could try that. How far along are you?


~I.P~ - October 14

I am 28 weeks now, still a while to go. I go see my doctor next week so I will talk to her about it as well, I tried regular tylonal, but it didnt help much. Perhaps I'll get PM and try it over the weekend. Thank you for the advice. I will see what I can do for work, however "sitting" is a no no there, even leaning... but maybe my boss can help come up with a solution, especially if she would like me to keep working some of the semi longer shifts through the next month or so.



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