Pain In Hands Ouch

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Jenn... - May 14

All the joints from my wrists and forward ache. They hurt all day and all night especially when bent or when i put pressure on them. Has anyone else ever experienced this - does it have anything to do with being preggo?


Katie - May 14

I've recently noticed in the last few days that I have had a very sore right elbow. I havn't done any heavy lifting and I'm left handed so I don't use that arm quite as much. I've thought maybe it has something to do with the pregnancy. Any body else have this?


Erica - May 14

There is a possibility of joint achiness resulting from the amount of the horomone "relaxin" that's being put out by our bodies. I know my wrists have been sore as of late and I, too, haven't been moving any pianoes!


Ann - May 14

Hi Jenn, Yes with my third child I experienced preganancy carpal tunnel. It goes away within a few weeks of childbirth. Sometimes the way the baby is laying it cna cause pressure on your main vein. It helps to wear a wrist band especially at night.these are available at any drug store. Best wishes!


sara - May 16

my wrist also hurt but mainly in the morning. I have carpel tunnel in both wrists and every night I wake up in pain with numbness and swelling in my hands and fingers. I have to sit up to let the blood rush back and sometimes ma__saging them helps. I used a wrist support until I was 35wks and it didn't help anymore. Your doctor can give you pain medication but I chose not to since it goes through the babies system as well.


nelly - May 16

i have noticed this too and its all in my left wrist and i cant put pressure on it because when i do it hurts so bad and it aches and feels as if its been broke my righr waist started doing this last night.


Janelle - May 20

I've had R wrist pain and L middle finger pain since about my 3rd month, I usually wake to this at night. I've had it explained that our bodies are providing a lot of nutrients to our baby so therefore this is the compensation...for good reason, of course!! Keep strengthening w/exercises so you don't get stiff joints.



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