Pain In Pelvis And Groin Area

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Aimes - June 14

I have both stabbing pains and just achiness in my groin, inner thigh area and pelvis. I am almost 26 weeks. Has anyone had this? Everytime I stand and put weight on my legs it hurts. I am going to the Dr in two weeks, but it seems to be gettign worse, even after laying off the treadmill for a while. Should I be worried? Thanks


Erynn21 - June 14

I had a stabbing pain in my groin after moving around furniture, I was about 25 wks or so it hurt like someone had kicked me, it was all on my left side. I'd call your doc.mine went away from resting and only lasted like 2 days. I'd call just because it sounds like it's causing problems, and I definitely would stop the treadmill. Good luck.


Nita_ - June 15

I had stabbing pains too, but that was because clumsy me fell thud on the floor trying to sit on a chair!! But I would call the dr and explain the same and would go in for a quick checkup just so you can put your mind at ease. Good luck! Oh yes, i'd stop the treadmill too!


Patti - June 15

I have the same problem. Mine is the baby's head down in the pelvic area. It can cause groin pain, cramping and pelvic pressure. Call your Dr. just to see if they want to see you. Mine did and wanted to do a cervical check. That's where I found out about the baby being head down and low. Good news is the cervix is closed tight. Bad news is I have to deal w/ the pain for 12 more weeks!


Kspa - June 15

My Dr. said it was caused from the stretching (esp the pelvic bone). It's perfectly normal but really hurts sometimes.


Aimes - June 16

Yes, it does hurt! I go see him next Thursday. I really don't want to call because I know he's going to tell me it's fine. I don't really like him, but it's too late to switch now, so I'll deal with him. I will be sure to ask though. Seems to be getting worse everyday! 14 more weeks to go!


yourtrish - June 16

It's good to hear that others are experiencing this. I've been on a growth spurt all week, very hungry and feeling tons of pulls and stretched in my lower uterus. I'm sure they're going to tell me I grew substancially at my next appointment. I figured it was normal since it's the beginning of a new trimester and it makes sense that changes would coincide. Good luck everyone! My medicine is ice cream by the way! Bad for the weight gain, but sooo good for the spirit :)



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