Pain In Pubic Bone And Legs

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vlfantom - January 29

can any one please advise what this pain is im getting in my pubic bone and legs as it hurts everytime i move or try to walk im in so much pain


SaraH - January 29

I get that a lot too. It is often due to the joint in the font lower part of the pelvis moving out of place (the pubic symphysis joint area). It becomes loose during pregnancy so that the baby can move through it, and the "slipping" of the joint can often cause some pain. Mine ends up hurting along that lower edge of the pubic bone and from the bone down the edge of my legs. So, not sure if that is what you're feeling or not, but it is very common in pregnancy. Also sometimes just the weight of the baby can cause some pain on all of the ligaments and muscles in the pelvis. Personally I find that heat and having my dh lightly rub the sore area of the pelvic bone helps. Also if it is the pelvic joint moving around and it has actually moved out of place a chiropractor may be able to help a bit by moving it back. I know my chiropractor just did that for me and while it's still a bit sore it did help a ton.


vlfantom - January 29

thanks for the advise the pain you decibe is the same except my legs give in on me do your legs do it to you ive thought about telling my consultant tomorrow when i go


Carly67 - January 30

This is my 4th and I am 39. I have had pelvic pain from early in the pregnancy probably started about 7 weeks light and by 15 weeks if I was on my feet walking too long it was terrible. Sometimes if I get in bed and get out again I feel like I can barely walk. I am 30 weeks pregnant now and my doctor just checked me periodically to see my cervix was long and thick and closed and other than that he said it is normal. These days I have pain all the time from light to severe depending on the day. It gives me that waddle and I guess I just have to accept it. It is due to ligaments loosening and the weight of the baby etc. Tell your doctor and he will tell you what is going on.


crystal74 - January 30

i know what you mean, i have the same pains. i've been told it's due to lots of things. one concern of mine is that the baby is sideways and somebody's sisters baby was sideways and that's what caused her pain in her pelvic. but at night the pain gets worse and i get these shooting pains down the back of my thighs



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