Pain In The BUTT Literally

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Stephanie - August 11

I have this pain in my left side buttox. It is a deep pain that hurts when I bend or stand. It shoots down into my leg. Anyone know what it might be?


miranda - August 11

It's your sciatic nerve. Very common for it to become inflamed during pregnancy. Taking walks might help, you could also try a heating pad or maybe an ice pack.


Stephanie - August 11

Thank you Miranda. I thought it might be that, but wasn't sure. The week by week book said that is what it is, but I just wanted a 2nd opinion.


kristen - August 11

That is definitely what it sounds like. I have had sciatic pain with all 3 pregnancies. Worse with first and this one. I have a chair ma__sager/heating pad. It works wonders. It ma__sages your lower back and your thighs as well as applies light heat. A great investment. Also, if my husband applies direct pressure to the center of my spine/tailbone area and ma__sages out towards the pain, the baby shifts off of the spot and relieves some of the pressure. Good luck!


Heidi - August 11

I had that at the start of my second trimester and it went away after a couple weeks. Now at 30 weeks mine hurts when I vacuum. Ha ha! Good excuse not to vacuum. Or if I'm doing a lot of bending over and stuff like that it starts to hurt.


Stephanie - August 11

Thank you Kristen! I didn't feel it with my son, but this pregnancy has seemed to really do a number on me. Between this and hemroids, I am about to go nuts! Thanks


Stephanie - August 11

Heidi that is what happens to me! I couldn't even get out of my bad yesturday afternoon when my husband and I were watching TV. LOL! He had to roll me out of the bed and I caught myself before I fell. It hurts soooo bad! I could cry, scream, ugghhhhh!


ChrissyR - August 14

definately sounds like the sciatic nerve! The pains usually strats in my back and shhots down into my left b___tock...ouch! Seeing the chiropractor regularly has helped!



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