Pain Medication In 3rd Tri

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J - August 12

I know this is a question for my doctor, but I"m wondering what over the counter drugs you can take (in small doses). My back is friggin' killin me, to the point of distraction. But aspirin, ibuprofen, etc, are listed as unsafe in the 3rd trimester. I'm just curious how people have dealt with this.


To J - August 12

The only thing I know of that is safe is tylenol. My doc told me to take 3 at one time up to twice a day to help with the pain. But not to take it on a consistant basis. I take it about twice a week just to help out. I also have a maternity belt to help support the baby so my back doesn't have to.


S. - August 12

I have the same exact problem. I was told tylenol, dosage as directed on the package. I feel TERRIBLE taking it, so like the first responder, I also try to limit it to a few times a week if possible. Terrible back pain prevents me from sleeping, so when I am ready to cry from no sleep, I give in.


Sonya - August 12

Don't be so hard on yourself for taking pain relievers. They are safer than you think, espeically in the third trimester. Everything is already formed, it is just getting larger and being perfected. My Dr. even said that I can take my muscle relaxer ( I have a slipped disc). Good Luck - August 12

i twisted my ankle really bad the other day -- called doc and asked what i could take. They said tylenol only which sucks cuz that stuff does nothing for me !


E - August 13

I was prescribed percocet 5/325 in my last trimester (last two weeks of pregnancy). I had a sprained sacrum and a displaced hip. I was more than distracted, I could no longer walk. I was in danger of falling when my hip would give out. I believe it is a Category B during pregnancy. Ibuprofen is less safe than some narcotic meds. I asked them for a strong NSAID (eg. alleve) and they refused. Don't think that b/c it is otc, that it is safer than a prescription drug.


Shannon - August 13

According to my nursing drug handbook Percocet (Oxycodone/Acetaminophen) is a pregnancy category B. However is used for for prolonged periods or in high doses at term its a category D. Regular use of opiates during pregnancy may produce withdrawl symptoms in the newborn (irritabilty, excessive crying, tremors, hyperactive reflexes, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, yawning, sneezing, seizures. As for Ibuprofen or any NSAID it is a Category D if used in the 3rd trimester it may affect the newborns cardiovascular system and can prematurly close the placental artery. Tylenol is your safest med.


E - August 13

I was shocked that an opiate is more safe during pregnancy (if used for short periods) than ibuprofen. I thought for sure they would at least prescribe an NSAID for me. Unfortunately, Tylenol did not touch my pain. Labor was very stressful for me b/c I told my nurse that I had used an opiate for 2 weeks prior to labor, and everyone treated me like I was a crack whore and bought it on the street, even though it was prescribed from the same practice. I was up front with them and wanted them to know in the event thatmy baby needed monitoring, or any special treatment. I thought I was doing the right thing.


Jennifer - August 14

I only know of tylenol.


hb - August 14

I have terrible back pain at night so i can't sleep. my doctor told me i could take tylenol PM because it is a combination of benadryl and tylenol. However, i cut the recommended dosage in half because i couldn't find any regular strength Tylenol PM. I don't take it very often either. Maybe once a week or evey other week. Of course I would ask your doctor before taking it. Good luck.



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