Pain Numbness And Achiness In Hands

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Susanna - May 7

I have been experiencing slightly swollen fingers and achiness when I bend my fingers, especially when I first get up in the morning. This just started. Anyone else having this problem? I am 36 weeks.


billie - May 7

yes, I have the same problem. I am also 36 weeks and it has gotten worse. I was told that it's the swelling that's doing it but I drink tons of water during the day and still wake up with swollen fingers. I don't know what to do about it!


Jo - June 13

I am also 36 weeks & having the same thing. And I feel like my Dr is b__wing me off when I talk to him about it. I am typing all day at work & this is very difficult w/ little swollen sausage fingers!!!!


Kara - June 14

Thought this might be helpful. quote from "What to Expect when You're Expecting": if the pain and numbness are confined to your thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of your ring finger you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Though this condition is most common in people who regularly perform tasks that require repet_tive motions of the hand such as typing, it is also common in pregnant women. That's because the carpal tunnel in the wrist, through which runs the nerves to the affected fingers, becomes swollen during pregnancy (as do so many other tissues in the body), with the resultatnt pressure causing numbness, tingling, burning and or pain. The symptoms can also affect the hand and wrist and can radiate up the arm. Because fluids acc_mulate in your hands all day thanks to gravity, the swelling and accompanying symptoms may be more severe at night. Try to avoid sleeping on your hands, which can aggravate the problem. When numbness occurs, hanging the affected hand over the side of the bed and shaking it vigorously may relieve it. If it doesn't and the numbness and or pain is interfering with your sleep, discuss the problem with your dr. Often wearing a wrist splint and taking vitamin B6 daily is helpful.


Jbear - June 14

And the good news is, it usually goes away after delivery! Mine did with my first pregnancy.



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