Pain Pills After The Birth Amp Breastfeeding

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durante baby - August 20

When I had my ds, they sent me home with Lor-tabs, and with br___tfeeding I never really took them, becuase I was worried about how it would effect my br___t milk/the baby, but I always wondered why the doctors would send me home with pain pills I couldnt take knowing I was br___t feeding.....So now after watching discovery health and starting to think. Im wondering what you ladies may know about pain pills when you come home from the hospital and br___t feeding?...Maby what you were sent home with, if you know it was safe, and if there is special care and guidlines to it in general? Any information, or things that you have experienced, or told by your doctors, ect. would be helpful!


sahmof3 - August 20

I was sent home with Percocet twice and something else with my third. It's slipping my mind right now what the other med was. The Rx's both said to consult a physician before taking if you are nursing, but since she had prescribed them it was ok. I couldn't get away with not taking them, at least for a few days, after my c-sections or I would have been in too much pain to function! I just made sure to not take too many or take them too frequently.


sahmof3 - August 20

Also, it never seemed to have any effect on my babies that I noticed.


durante baby - August 20

thank you....i also had a c-section with my son, so I was in my own selfish ways forced to take my pain meds, but I didnt take them as often as I should have and I wasnt as worried about it because I b___st and formula fed my son, this time i plan on doing 100% b___st.


slackette - August 20

I was sent home with percocets and motrin after my c-section. I am still on motrin but I stopped the percocets b/c I defintely noticed that they were making my son drowsy (I am b___stfeeding exclusively). It would be impossible to wake him for feedings and he even slept for a 7 hour long nap once (which I think is way too long for a baby who is less than a week old). As soon as I stopped the meds, he became WAY more alert and could stay awake for longer periods of time. He now wakes every 2-3 hours for a feeding with no problems. I don't regret taking the percocets early on b/c I was in alot of pain right after the c-section, but I would stop taking them as soon as you feel the pain is tolerable....GL!


charee - August 20

My DR gave me lortabs as well after i gave birth. I took them in the hospital, and at home for the first 3 or 4 days because otherwise i couldnt move. I didnt take them as often as it says, and i think i broke them in half sometimes and did that after the first couple really painful days. My DR said it was okay w bf. I did notice my daughter slept A TON the first week after she was born... but who knows im sure a lot of that was normal too. I also used ibeprofen inbetween(they said i shouldnt take tylenol while bf, go figure), and a million "snatch popsicles" sorry TMI! ;) (We brought the ice bags home from the hospital and put our own ice in them, and i froze the tucks to go pads too and those helped a ton... and they gave me some kind of spray hemeroid stuff for down there, and i used water not tp.) I plan to use some of the pain pills again this time- I will just make sure they know I am going to bf, and then like i said i will try to not take the full dose, or maybe alternate w ibeprofen.


jen327 - August 20

I too took pain pills after my c/s. My son was in the NICU for breathing issues for 10 days and after 5 days from the c/s I stopped the pain pills because I really noticed how groggy he was. It made a big difference. I did have to take a more mild pain pill after he was released because I was in severe pain, but only took them for 3 days. I too don't regret taking them, I was in a really big amount of pain and would not have been able to b___stfeed at all if I hadn't, but I am glad the pain is gone and I don't have to consider taking them. I did hear on FOX news that Codine has been proven to cause death and overdoes in newborns which freaks me out because that is what I was on. But my baby is safe and sound now.


durante baby - August 20

Thank you everyone, you really did help........Jen327..when i had my son they wanted to give me tylonol w/cod, and I refused it bcause I heard tylonol was bad for the baby, and because I know tylonol w/cod doesnt really help me with pain just makes me super tired, andi wanted to be alert for my son, and i knew i could do that with the Lor-tabs, but really thank you I deffinately have to talk to my dr about what is safe and what isnt!!



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