Pain Quick Sharp Pain Down There

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waitngformyangel - October 25

okay quick question. i was just sitting here you know browsing the i know that bella is head down cause shes constantly kicking my ribs but lately when she moves it hurts like waaaaay down there. its like a quick pain but a pain never the less.has anyone else felt this before?? ill just be sitting there and all of a and it hurts that it makes me kinda jump. well any advice would be appreciated. thank you and god bless.


tish212 - October 25

my lo is still constantly changin position...however...when s/he is head down and moves I can feel sharp pain in my rear like a hand might pop out...and I also get horrible pain in my bladder...when the baby shifts and rests againt it...I would say that its probably normal I have learned how to get my baby to move though...I just lie down on my left side and my lo shifts position... gl and sorry ur lil is beating up ur insides... :)


waitngformyangel - October 25

haha thats exactly how i felt like a little hand was going to pop out or thank you for your response.


emfine99 - October 25

I've had the same feelings. It is probably that she is just sliding down and getting in position. I think they say when they drop it really hurts? This is my first so I'm not for sure, but I've been having a ton of pains below and I'm about 36 weeks.


Buffi R. - October 26

It could be your baby's head hitting some nerves too. I get a quick sharp pain in my v____a sometimes, so low it almost feels like it's on the outside of my body. I don't know what it's called, but I've read that it's nerve-related.


inuk-mama - October 26

I keep getting a quick sharp pain, almost like a needle. Hurts quite a lot and I will ask dr. this afternoon and report back this evening. This morning it was more intense, like I jumped from my desk. And her feet are totally sticking into my ribs. i can't lean forward at all!! I'm hoping there will be progress when I go in today. 37 weeks today!!! And hopefully the membrane stripping will put me into labor! Cross your fingers!


EMMA2 - October 26

The pains are normal...its the head putting much pressure on your bits....


countrymom - October 29

inuk-mama...did you ever get an answer? I have the same pain and it stops me in my tracks. My lo is moving like crazy but that feeling is driving me crazy. It's quick and sharp but then I'll have mulitple quick sharp pains in my cervix....What gives??!!



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