Pain Tugging Feeling When Baby Moves

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Judy H - October 23

Hi all, I have not posted much, but I do read the postings everyday and may comment here and there. I am due November 22, but my doctor has me scheduled for c-section on the 15th. I can only have a c-section b/c of 3 prior ones. Anyhow, two days now I have been noticing the B-Hicks are getting stronger and the movement of the baby tends to hurt really badly. I have not passed my plug and I have not had any mucus changes with bloody show to indicate I am going into labor. But I do have the aching back and abdominal cramps simular to menstrual. When the baby moves they are hard movements. My concern is I have a pulling, aching sharp pain when he moves and I think, though I could be wrong he maybe wraped up in his cord. I went to my Docs office and they made me see the NP. She came in checked me and said my cervix was closed and I need to just drink more water and lay on my side. She was not listening to my concern. She would ask a question and talk right over my answer. I was frustrated. I wanted my fears checked out b/c it is my right as a patient. She did not address the fact that I wanted and ultrasound just to be sure. She did not listen to me when I told her I have been drinking water(lots) and I have been resting cause it hurts so damn badly! She listens to his heart beat and says " Wow, something has him really hyper?" "His heart is just racing away and he is moving around." HELLO.......! That is what I am trying to tell you, he is moving around alot in the same spot and it hurts cause it feels like he is tugging on the cord and it is hurtiing me. Long story short, I am home and still having the same pains and I have been pushing fluids and laying on my side. Do you think I should go to the ER? Or am I just being overly concerned? Has anyone out there had this problem? Please Help.....!


jeni23 - October 23

If I were you I would go to the er!!!My cousin had the same problem and she lost her son!!His placenta pulled away.Better to be safe than sorry!!!!!!!


Judy H - October 23

Thank you for replying. I am going to do just that once these B-Hicks settle cause right now I just can't move. I welcome anymore comments.


Mariefe - October 24

Hi Judy, I feel the same with my little one in me. Im currently 37.4 weeks and will be going for c-section next week due to breech baby position. There are times that i get really hurt from its movements and kicks. My baby is more active in the night and sometimes i cant sleep from not knowing what position is comfortable. And I have BH very often now. Sometimes my belly forms a hump as hard as rock then it disappears. I dont know if its an elbow or part of its bum! I have not also pa__sed a mucus plug or fluids. I told these to my doctor that im afraid that my baby may get intangle to its cord as it moves a lot! She said ohh its very rarely to happen and the cord is very long.. Last week she checked the heartbeat, the blood flow though the cord, and the water. Everything seems fine and normal. My doctor just told me that those feelings are normal when we are nearing to end our pregnancies. I dont know, I just try not too worry too much. I drink lots of water too. Good luck and all the best!



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