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sant - October 17

Is any one else feeling like this? I am 34 wks but I am having tons of pressure down there when I walk it feels like the babies head is right there, all last night and today I had this really intense pain in my loewer abdomen / pubic areae like somethiung is pressing really hard and makeing my leg on that side and back hurt like h__l. Is this normal?


emfine99 - October 17

This is my first, but from what I hear it is normal. I think the baby is just getting in position to move on out! I feel like I have to waddle to go anywhere because I have a watermelon between my legs or something. I feel sharp pains in my sides too. It's really not a great feeling! I'm almost 35 weeks, so it soudns like we're pretty much in the same boat.


foxxy mommy - October 17

ABSOLUTELY normal. my baby is pushing down sooo hard that my legs give out cause she pinches my nerves! and yes it hurts like heck. i had even went to l/d because the pain was so horrible that i scream. they just said baby was really far down and getting into position. which was true because at my u/s yesterday they couldnt even get her face or upper extememties for the fact that shes so far down! yeah, it sucks but think of it as you dont have much longer to go. nad try to stay off your feet as much as possible!


tish212 - October 17

I have pain when my stomach hits my legs (when I sit down) I have to sit with my legs spread apart to make room for my stomach... bending over hurts too cuz it causes the same pressure in my stomach.... but the most annoying pain is when I bend over I feel pressure in my I'm severly constipated...but I'm not...I was helping dh the other day with a fire (he was burning a stump out of our yard) and I was bending over to pick up the large braches to place on it and the pressure got so bad I actually cried out. my hips ache all the time (of course that's cuz 2 years ago I broke both sides in a fall) and my back hurt after 10 minutes of standing or sitting no one ever tells u about all the pains of pregnancy..its been a hard long trip and I still have 2 months to go but I'm sure that once I look into my lo's eyes for the first time it will all be forgotten... I hope everyone who responds to this or has finds some temporary pain relief...and I wish u happy times for the remainders of ur pregnancies! maybe one day men will be able to get pregnant so they can truly understand what we r going through.... lol


countrymom - October 17

YES, YES, YES!! I'm just 35 weeks and started to feel that way this week in particular. It's so uncomfortable. I walk very slowly to keep it from hurting as much. It's my first so I was wondering if it was normal too.



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