Painful Baby Movement

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mariah - October 8

Well I'm almost 39 weeks. Baby moves on a daily basis but not that much because she is running out of room. Well in the past week,last night included I was awake for about almost 2 hours because she was moving like crazy and it was painful. I don't know what she kept bumping into but it hurt. Does this happen to anyone?


Gen - October 8

I'm 39 weeks today and I have been having crazy movement. It seems worse at night once I've walked around all day and caused the baby to drop lower. The shooting, electric type pains are the babys head touching the cervix. It hurts like hell, but is very normal. Soooooooon!!!!!!!!!


Tonia - October 8

Wow Gen.. I 39 wks today also. I know exactly how you feel Mariah My when my baby move it feel like he's trying to burst out. And when he's trying to position himself he make the whole front of my stomach tighten up and I can't move.


Barb - October 8

my baby girl was hurting me SOOO bad last night...she kept kicking my bladder and it HURT!!!


Jl - October 8

I'll be 39 weeks on Wed., and I get the same thing. The sharp shooting pains are the worst. Now, I feel like I have to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes or else I'll pee my pants, and then when I get there, hardly anything comes out...maybe a little dribble. I guess that means she's right on top of my bladder, but it's driving me nuts. I'm just so excited that I can hardly stand it! Good Luck.


Heidi - October 8

I'm 38 wks and just started getting this pain in my bladder too. My midwife thinks I have a UTI so gave me meds again and I don't think that's it at all!!! I think it's the baby hitting my bladder and dropping cus it's sore and every time she hits it I just about die! No burning when I pee either so I'm guessing my doc is WRONG!


Barb - October 8 ARE on-line today :) do you have a lap top?? Good to "see " you =)



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