Painful Baby Movements

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Lulu - December 14

Hi ladies, its getting close to 2 weeks now and i find it very difficult to fall asleep. Immediately i lie down the baby wakes up and starts jumping and these movements are so painful. I am 33wks+ ´and thought the movements will rather reduce at this stage. When i succeed and sleep the frequent visits to the bathr. would not let me have a rest in peace. I love my little boy so much but this whole situation is making me sick and i hate it. I feel so miserable at night, and cry at times. My dh is doing so much to help me but i think he is getting tired too. I keep turning the whole night and he can not sleep and he tells me he gets so tired in the office.i think i am even getting frightened when it starts getting dark. Any one feeling this? any input will really help me. Unfortunately for me we were transfered to Germany and my doctor barely understands english. i am just coming back from an appt and after all what i complained he did not tell me any thing encouraging. I am waiting to read from any one. Thannk you ladies


Kendra - December 14

I don't know that I have advice that would help you or not, but I definatly feel your pain. I put a body pillow between me and my husband - with a body pillow, you can hold it against your stomach (which lessens the b__w of kicks) and also put it between your knees - which just feels nice, and alleviates pressure in your legs and hips. On particularly bad nights, I've taken to setting up shop in a recliner. Now this may sound cruel, but as for your husband not getting good sleep - too bad! What you're going through is only a billion times worse, and if the least he has to go through is being a little extra tired at work, then he needs to stop whining!! Oh, I also have found that I have an easier time taking naps in the afternoon, for some reason I am just able to get more comfortable - I don't know if it's because I'm just exhausted, or the baby is still, or just the fact that my husband isn't there - but if you have the chance, try a nap. I am also 33+ weeks, we're almost done! Hang in there! I am also truly sorry about your doctor situation, that would drive me nuts!! Hopefully there will be more people here that can give you some advice, as I bet 9 out of 10 women here in the third trimester are having the same problem!


leeza - December 14

Lulu, I feel your pain--and lack of sleep. My doctor recommended Tylenol PM? It really does make you feel a bit drowsy the next day, but it is safe for baby, and you do need to get your rest now . . .


Ashley - December 14

I'm 32 weeks and sometimes just walking around the baby moves so strongly that it hurts so bad!!! I would double over but my belly's in the way! One thing that helps me at night, I have this kinda foam wedge pillow I slide under my stomach, the baby seems to kick into the pillow instead of just me. I think it is made by Boopy and I have to have it to get any sleep at all. Right now I've got the worst cold and when I wake up it's so hard to go back to sleep . . . I feel your pain!!!!


Lulu - December 14

Thank you ladies for your help, i have used almost all pillows in my house and nothing. Thanks Kendra I will try holding one this night agiáinst my stomach and see how it goes. I pray it works. During the day the longest i can go is 1hr 30mins of sleep, i mean thats the highest. Infact it is 6 30pm here and i am getting frightened of what will ahppen t me at night. Thanks ladies


Heather - December 14

lulu- I feel you pain. I'm due at the end of January and I'm going through the same thing. My problem is that I'll finally fall asleep pretty well after dh leaves for work around 6 am and within an hour or so, my daughter wakes up (she's 2 1/2) and I have to function for her. We also just moved to Germany in March. I hate how short the days are here. Even in the middle of "daylight" times it isn't very bright. Where in Germany are you? We are about 30 minutes from the Luxembourg border.


terri - December 14

I completely understand what all your woman are going through cause I am feeling the exact same way. I am 37 weeks pregnant..38 weeks on Sunday and I hardly sleep at all. My finance doesnt seem to understand this, he says well you sleep and I am I mostly lay in the bed and toss and turn tryign to find that right spot and than when I do get completely comfortable and dozz off I am tossing and turning again within the half hour and running to the bathroom. man this is rough. I also have a 6 year old son that has to go to school and when he is in school this is the time that I have to get my errands done and housework and than after school it is homework, supper, dishes, bath time and story time and than bed time for him. and than i usually sit down with a snack watch some tv and than try to sleep... just wondering if this continues with no sleep how is the world am I going to be able to give birth with no energy and also how am I going to function after the baby is born... trying to get caught up on sleep and tend to a new born...argghhh...


Lulu - December 16

Hi Heather, i am in Dresden, i do not know much about This country so do not even have an idea of where Luxembourg is. I check on the map later. I decided to take a language course so i can better communicate with that doctor of mine. and it is so difficult. I can not get up early enough to got for the cla__ses. Dh said evening claa__ses will be better for me but i just hate going out at 5pm when its already dark here. Heather are you due January 30th . I am due jan 30th too Ashley , i tried the pillows and it was better but not too comfotable, i did sleep a bit and i am very grateful. I was at the doctor today and he refused giving me any drugs. Leeza did your doctor recommend the drugs for you?Thanks you ladies once more for the help.


Kendra - December 16

My doctor gave me a perscription for phenergen (sp?) - it's technically for nausea.....but it will knock you out. I slept long than I have in almost eight months.


Kendra - December 16



Ginny - December 16

This website is so great, because I actually logged on to ask this same question! It feels like the baby is throwing herself up against the uterus, and sometimes it even knocks me off balance. It hurts me from the inside. Lulu - I don't know if I can help with the sleep issues, but one thing that helps with the furious little movements is if I pat my my belly firmly over and over. I don't know if she actually calms down or if it just makes her stop and wonder what's going on. I did this for about 45 minutes the other night (every time I tried to stop, she'd start kicking again) until she finally relaxed. I guess she went to sleep, because she was still for several hours after that. Good luck with your doctor and everything!


maddie - December 17

hi there lulu. I am 39 weeks and living in japan, although I am a Canadian, and so I know how you feel. It is difficult to get the doctors to understand and be sympathetic at times, with the language barrier. My advice would be to try and find other English speaking mothers in your community who can relate...maybe at a community centre or English school? I found one Japanese American woman who has two small children, and she was a big help. Although there are cultural differences about the birthing process and pregnancy in general, most women have the same universal problems, and it is through them you will find sympathy and emotional support, not through your doctors or medical staff. Hope this helps, and don't worry, the baby kicking will slow down in a week or so.


zora - December 17

I too am going through the same thing. Im 37 weeks now and have been feeling painful baby movements since 30 weeks. I just have to put up with it, it will end soon :)


Heather - December 17

lulu - I am due Jan 30th also. From what I understand you are on the other side of the country from us, near czech, we are about 2 hours from frankfurt on the west side. some of the cultural differences are pretty big out here. Has your doc said anything about the ointment for the baby's eyes? After you deliver, in the states we put an antibiotic ointment on them after birth. I know that the hospitals out here don't do it. We have to supply it ourselves. The ointment is to protect them from an eye infection that could cause vision problems. It may be something that you might want to ask him about.



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