PAINFUL Braxton Hicks

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baby#1 - February 16

I really need some help here. The last day I have been having very regular braxton hicks contractions. I have had them for months now and never were they painful and were very occasional. Yesterday they became more regular and have been very painful. I get them between every 2-8 minuites lasting from 30-45 seconds each and they feel like the worst case of menstrul cramps you could imagine, right into the lower back and r___m. I went to the hospital and they said my cervix is still long and closed and baby looks good so they sent me home with extra strength tylonel. It doesnt do a thing for me. The contractions have not stopped this pattern the last 30 hrs and I am about to have a break down. I am 34 weeks and 2 days. PLEASE, any help or advice would be so much appreciated, I am losing my mind.


Kristin11 - February 16

I am having braxton hicks lately too, they arent quite so painful as your sound though. I actually went into preterm labor at 20 weeks too. My doctor recommends drinking lots of water, i believe it works too.


SaraH - February 16

I get very very frequent BH's and have for weeks (I'm 33w's now been having BH since 16w and they've progressively gotten harder). Some days I have then 10min apart lasting for 30-60 seconds at a time. Normally they diminish though if I drink a lot of water a lie down (although the other day they didn't and ended up lasting probably about 8 hr's before they diminished to the "typical" 2-3 an hour I always have.). The fact that you have had them that frequently for this long though and that they are hurting into your back is a bit concerning. I have them where they are strong enough to make my back hurt and make me feel sick to my stomach sometimes, but I've never had them be that hard for more then a few hours. Try drinking a lot of water and relaxing --a bath may help them ease up. Also lie down on your left side for a while too. If none of that works I'd call the doc or labor and delivery again and talk to them about the fact that they haven't let up. ---By the way it may depend on your doc and what they do in your area. I thought that they always tried to stop labor if you were before 36 or 37 weeks btu my doc said last week at my appointment that once you hit the 34 w mark they don't normally do a whole lot to try to stop the contractions. However, I don't know exactly what she meant by that, since they don't try to stop BH contractions in the first place, does that mean that they don't generally try to stop preterm labor contractions if your past 34 w's? If that's the case that seem kind of strange.


cyclemom - February 16

I was in a similar situation when I was 35 weeks, 2 days. I was in the hospital with regular contractions and they said they would not stop labor, but I never actually went into true labor. Since then I have had painful BH contractions day and night. They range from every 3 minutes to every 15 minutes. The painful ones wake me up every 45 minutes or so at night. It has been miserable because I am now 40 weeks, 2 days. That said, I never felt mine in my back (which sounds more like a real contraction, not BH). The only thing that makes them farther apart for me is to take a warm bath. If it still continues, I would call your Dr. so he can check your cervix again. Like the others said: drink water, lie on your left side, and take a warm bath.


Tammy276 - February 16

I too get painful BH contractions and was woken up one morning w/ regular ones 7 min.s apart....I drank lots of water, sat still and they ended up going away. so, the key really is to make sure you are drinking enough fluids throughout the day and if they start to become worse, drink more water. Mine get VERY painful at times where they are in my back and pressure on my pelvic floor and bum....I know, tylenol doesn't do a whole heck of a lot for me either.....the joys of pregnancy!! Only 6 weeks left for me..or less!



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