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kristyn1028 - October 30

I was just wondering if anyone else is having horrible cramps?? I am 30 weeks this week and haven't had any cramping since about 16 weeks, but all of a sudden they've come back. I've had some spotting as well so I went to the doc to make sure it wasn't preterm labor, but Im closed tightly....He thinks it may be previa, but I heard that women don't usually experience cramping with that so Im confused... Has anyone else had these symptoms and it turned out to be something?


stephannpruitt - October 31

I am 37 weeks pregnant, and I am having cramping, and my cramping is due to a UTI. Did they check your urine?


Tory1980 - October 31

Could be a urine infection. Previa usually causes painless bleeding but if there is an abruption then that can cause the pain - I had both with my first. If it is previa he should have looked by scanning you to check the position of the cervix.


kristyn1028 - October 31

yea, they checked my urine. It was fine. Im getting a scan today to check on the previa. It was just some light spotting so I don't think it would be an abruption...or at least I hope not. Guess I'll see in about an hour!


HeavenisMine - October 31

Let us know how it turns out, and best of luck to you!


tracielee - October 31

kristyn, make sure to let us know what the doctor says. and don't take no for an answer if you feel like something is wrong, insist that he continues testing. i've been thinking about you this week, and when i read this, that your cramping has come back, i got worried for you. hopefully they discover what is going on. the last thing you need is to have an emergency surprise birth!


kristyn1028 - October 31

Well I just got back and everything looks great! She weights 3lbs 4 oz right now and has a lot of hair! Im so excited. As far as the cramps and bleeding, he said there may not be an explanation. As long as she's healthy and im tightly closed im going to try and not worry! She's already head down too...hopefully she'll come early, but not too early!!


tracielee - October 31

im so glad to hear it! that's so awesome you got to see her and that shes doing well... and so big already, can you believe how fast they grow at this point? congrats. i'm really happy things are looking good!!


kristyn1028 - October 31

I know! Hopefully she doesn't grow too much more...Im hoping for 6-7 lbs!! I can't believe its already only 10 weeks or less left.



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