Painful Feeling In Throat Like Food Is Stuck There

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dee23 - May 27

does anyone get this? its drving me nuts...i dont know what it is but i get it every night just before i go to bed and it then keeps me up for an hour or so. its as if ive had food stuck in my doesnt taste acid like..just feels like a ball there....then if i drink water or eat anything it gets worse. and it kinda pulses, like the pain is on and off...but when i do get it, its very painful! i usually need to stop in my tracks and cringe with pain....very anoying having it 4 nights in a row now.....


lindsay - May 27

i get this too, but i always get it accompanied w/ heartburn, so i think it is acid. it doesn't taste like acid to me either, but i really think it is a build-up trying to fight its way out! YUCK! so my nightly regimen is to take 2 tums before bed... this helps a lot and i take another later on if i am still kept up.


miraclebaby - May 27

I think you are having heartburn & acid reflux , I get it everynight and take tums and drink milk. that helps. In fact, I can't even drink anything orange even kool-aid or I die, no red sauce everything gives me heartburn even water lol lol.OH, and it can make you cough alot. I read it's traveling up from your stomach the acid. so pretty much lindsay is correct too. Try milk and tums together thats what I do. Good luck


Been There - May 27

I also think it's acid reflux. Whereas you may feel the acid jump up when you are sitting up, the feeling changes and definitely becomes more painful and worse when you lie down. Acid reflux can be avoided to an extent if you don't have any or too much caffeine. Some fatty foods can also help bring it on. As Miraclebaby said, even red sauce is a source. I suffer from acid reflux, but as long as I don't drink soda or tea (I don't drink coffee, but if you do, you'd want to cut it out), I feel so much better. Also, chocolate should be very limited. Orange juice will also backfire on you. Basically, acidic things should be avoided. Once you have the acid already jumping up, water doesn't help at all. You have to watch your intake all day to avoid suffering all night.


dee23 - May 28

thx heaps ladies. i dont think we have 'tums' in our pharmacy's, but im glad there is something out there that might help...i might call my doc and get a suggestion for what to take when getting acid reflux. cheers again :)



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