Painful Fetal Movements

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Danielle19 - May 11

i am 34 weeks and when the baby is moving around way low it hurts really bad anyone else feel this or is the baby just dropping to get ready for birth, just not sure if i should worry about this or what


christineg - May 11

I wouldn't worry too much about it...sometime my little guy kicks my ribs so hard it makes me gasp!! If it feels like your bladder though you might want to ask your doctor about it. I started noticing him kicking my bladder, and it was causing a stinging feeling.....that ended up being a bladder infection. Babies are pretty strong at 34 weeks it's not unusual for them to kick hard enough to hurt.


Been There - May 11

I'm already being hurt sometimes at 27 weeks and before that. Your baby is bigger and taking up more space, so it's normal. I agree with Christineg, if it's the bladder, you may want to get that checked out, just in case.


Amanda R - May 11

I know that my guy is low enough that he will press on my rectum at times and WOW is that painful!! It's sort of like the worst gas you have ever experienced in your life! I agree with the other girls...if it's your bladder then I would ask your Doc.


letgo0527 - May 12

OMG I hate it when they push on your rectum!! That is so aweful. Ive been experiencing that a lot lately. It really does feel like the worst gas EVER X1000!!!


Nora1 - May 12

I have a burning/stinging feeling very low sometimes - especially when I am walking. They told me this is caused from pressure and the baby is pressing on a nerve. I'm 34 weeks also.


Tye - May 12

Oh I have had this for weeks now. I would say from about 35 weeks and I am now 39. It really hurts and feels like the baby is going to kick right out. But I was just checked yesterday and even though it feels like the baby is going to fall right out- the doctor told me the baby is even further up than it was 3 weeks ago! I wouldn't worry. I-m sure this is all just the pressure of the baby growing larger and putting pressure on everything. Good luck!



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