Painful Leg Cramping

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synesthesia1821 - October 17

I'm not sure if a "cramp" is the technical term for what I'm feeling or not, but I'll stand and I'll get really sharp pain in my upper thigh/buttox area sometimes. usually at least once a day. they normally dont last long,and its normally upon standing. But they hurt so bad at first that it almost brings me to my knees in pain. Feels kinda like when you get a spasm in the arch of your foot except it lasts a shorter amount of time. And if you know what I mean, THEY HURT! Wondering if that's what it is.."cramps" or something more to worry about? I have pain in my legs usually all the time, that runs down either of my legs from the thigh down to my feet but I figure that's just the muscles being overworked and the extra stress my body is being put under carrying all that extra weight around. [I've gained 30 lbs so far and I still have 4 weeks to go!] If this is what it is- can anyone advise me as to what to do? Anyone have any tips on how to prevent these, or if they do come, how to stop them? I looked up leg cramping online but it says you normally get these before bedtime the most and i get them randomly. never really just before bedtime. ive heard that the cramps [if thats what it is] can be stopped by adding extra potassium to your diet, i.e. eating more bananas, increasing calcium or taking a magnesium supplement in addition to your prenantal. anyone know any more about this issue?


HeavenisMine - October 17

Sounds like your sciatic nerve, I get this often times too, and it makes walking a chore!:) Cramps are pretty painful too, but they are a constant ache as far as I know, my cramps switch legs all the time, one day one leg will feel cramped, the next another. Oh and just out of curiosity, anyone else getting severe charlie horses in your legs and feet in the night? OUCH


Liezel - October 17

Yeah... I have been experiencing both of those ladies.... as for the sciatic pain... not really much you can do for that... my DH just ma__sages me and as for the charlie horses or calf / foot cramps... when I feel the spasm coming on or even if it has already started, I flex my foot back and forth and they go away.... I use to try to grab at my calf and ma__sage it away, but then the muscle still hurts and you end up limping all day... just trust me and try flexing your foot back and forth rapidly and the spasm will go away.... works all the time for me =)


lmk - October 17

Heaven, I used to get cramps in my calves all the time, especially in the morning as I'd be waking up and stretching in bed. What I found helps is to always stretch pointing the heel away from you. I've had to make a conscious effort to do this instead of pointing my toes, but now I don't get my muscles spasming anymore at all. If you do get a cramp, do the same thing, point your heel away from you and stretch while ma__saging your calf.


synesthesia1821 - October 17

i dont know what it is... cuz its not ALL THE WAY down my leg, and isnt sciatic pain ALL THE WAY down the leg?


DaBonkElsMe - October 17

Sciatic pain does not always travel all the way down. I have it in my b___t and top of my thigh a couple of times a day, only some days. I t depends on where the baby is laying, it usually b/c he's pressing one side or the other and when i turn, get up, or move in just the right way, it sends that shooting pain. And it doesn't just shoot and go away, it lingers around for a few minutes, sometimes even longer. But that cramp in the arch of your foot - like feeling, sounds more like a regular cramping then sciatic. At least in my experience. I get that kinda tight squeezing pain at night in the backs of my calves. It hurts BAD! Usually standing up and putting weight on that leg, makes it go away quickly for me. Stretching helps, and drinking lots of water. I find on the days i am more active and have had more water I cramp less. Hope that helps.



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