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BabyGirl - February 26

Hey! Im 31 weeks now and my ribs and chest hurt so bad! When i breathe in deep it hurtsss! and my lower back hurts to! Im just all achs and pains!! Anyone else the same way? Its not going to get any better is it? :( Just worse! Any ways to make the pain less uncomfertable? Im going to try a heating pad on my back later!


heather - February 26

i am 27 weeks...and I had a few rib joint pains a month ago, and I told my chiropractor...she helped that go away...and breathing got easier after as well.


Nicole - February 27

The baby may have started to dig its feet into your ribs, I know mine does this now (I'm 33 weeks) and has been doing this for a few weeks on and off. I get some relief if I get down on all fours and kind of rock back and forth for about 5 minutes. As for your back, try to lay down with your feet up and relax whenever you can. Your body is carrying a lot more weight than it's used to so you need to take more frequent breaks now!


JennyC - February 27

BabyGirl - hopefully when your baby drops the pressure on your ribs will get better. That's not a lot of help, but at least it might help to know there's a little chance of it improving. Of course, after she drops, then you'll have to pee more, and have all kinds of weird pains "down below" that just replace the pains up high! but it will be worth it in the end!! (at least that's what they tell me!)


JH - February 27

Have you tried a warm bath to relax your back? It works for me.


Amy - February 27

Hello. I am 32 weeks and last night about 11:30, i started having some mild/dull pains from my back to the front. It is now 8 pm the next night and still feeling some dull pains as i did last night. And i have noticed that my baby is not as active as she normally is. I have lost my mucous plug, and she is really low. Should I go and get checked? I just do not know what to do?


erin - February 27

Amy, if the pains get worse, then definitely go get checked. I find a hot bath is the best thing for aches and pains, except that if I have too many I get really dry....a hot water bottle or wheat bag helps me too. I've been sleeping on the couch most of the past week because being in bed makes me hurt so badly! It really sucks. Funny to think we might just forget all our aches and complaints when we actually have that baby in our arms!


Amy - February 27

Thank you. I am just worried. they have not gotten worse, but they have not gone away either. I want to go and get checked, but then again, i don't want to be told false alarm. I have been on 3 false alarms atleast already. This is my second pregnancy and everything is so much different. I find myself more nervous with this pregnancy too. I keep havin these feelings that i will have her early. I have even had dreams. this could not be prelabor could it? i mean, could it go on this long?



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