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babylove4 - December 17

I've had 3 kids and always used Pamper's, Well looking back I remember changing lots of pampers, sheets and forever washing Blankies...Can it be Pampers are not that absorbant?!?!?!.....Can I Please have Your votes? Thanks in advance Ladies : )


mjvdec01 - December 17

I never had a problem with Pampers. I never used the baby dry ones because I didn't like that the sides weren't stretchy. I always used the cruisers. To make sure they don't leak you have to be sure to pull the elastic that goes around the legs out from the diaper before you put it on, then once it is on run your finger around the legs to pull it out the rest of the way. Otherwise the elastic is folded over and the pee or poo escapes out the legs. let me know it this doesn't make sense to you. I could probably explain it better if I need to.


mjvdec01 - December 17

Oh, I almost forgot. Pampers newborn are smaller than Huggies newborn. Start with Pampers and then go to Huggies before starting size 1. Luvs also has a new line of diapers with stretchy sides that are great! they are also way less expensive with out sacrificing absorbancy, and they don't leak. Once your little one is big enough Huggies makes a night time diaper that is wonderful. No more changing crib sheets in the middle of the night! The only place I have seen the night time diapers is Wal-Mart.


babylove4 - December 17

Thanks so much, So do You suggest Huggies are better to use? I also thought of Luvs..


babylove4 - December 17

Oh I only used pampers premium, Are baby dry & cruisers for toddlers?


tryin44 - December 17

I start out with pampers newborn and then go to huggies newborn (bigger) then I am huggies all the way. I have four kids and tried pampers with my fiorst and switched part way through and stuck with huggies. I will say however if I get a good deal I am not anti pampers I will buy them if they are a deal.


Cevvin - December 17

we started with huggies but then they didn't fit my baby well. Went to pampers and then luvs came out with the bear hug stretch, its exactly the same as the pampers except cheaper. hope this helps


AmberNicole - December 17

My dd is 9 days old, and I always used Huggies with my ds who is now 6 1/2. My in laws bought me some Pampers newborn, and I really don't like them. They are much less absorbent than Huggies, and smaller, too. When she has a BM that is loose due to BF it tends to go up and out the back because they are smaller. My preference are Huggies. They have the cord cut out for new borns, too.


BriannasMummy - December 17

IM a true blue pampers fan. I love that the baby dry now has the flex tabs. They fit perfectly. Ive used them with both of my daughters and Ive never ever ever had an issue or a problem. I tried to use Huggies.. but with my first dd they caused her to have a yeast infection, with my second dd it caused her to have a bloody diaper rash. So pampers are our number one choice. We started out with pampers swaddlers, and then moved on to baby dry. They work great for us. ~Kristin~


mama keya - December 18

Hello I have 3 kids and nothing worked better for me then Huggies. This is my last pregnancy and I plan on doing Huggies again, unless this baby has some weird allergic reaction to them. Which could happen, but so far (with the other 3) hasn't.


jessne - December 18

I LOVE huggies. I have 2 boys and they are both heavey wetters. Huggies have never leaked for me and pampers always did. I heard the Huggies are better for boys and pampers are better for girls. But they work either way.


babylove4 - December 18

Hi Ladies Thank You all so much for all Your input, I really appreciate all Your help.... I guess I just need to wait until my LO is born and see....I have a package of one each.....I will give them both a try.....Have a good day Ladies : )


britt_m - December 19

I also had a package of each. I ended up giving away the newborn huggies, but after the swaddlers were gone I bought huggies premmie, they were ok. I prefer swaddlers to about a size 2, the only time we had a leak was when my hubby changed her, never put the diaper on tight enough. After swaddlers I got Huggies gentle care and they work wonderful, never had a leak yet. I actually worked in a large daycare and based my dd's diapers on what I noticed that worked best for all the little ones. I changed 12 diapers every two hours, lol.


babylove4 - December 19

OMG Britt thanks for that info.... : )


Jilloh - December 19

with DS I hated pampers baby dry at first so I was a huggies mom and then i noticed that the huggies were running smaller around the legs for my DS and I was moving up sizes quickly (a size 4 at 5 months!) and that is when I noticed that Pampers had added FLEX tabs. I bought a package and I haven't bought a package of Huggies since. I am now about to pop with child #2 and I will probably just use Pampers Baby Dry (FLEX) with this kid too!


Ashley86 - December 20

Oh I get what happened now! I was wondering why my son, who is verrrry tiny, grew out of NBd huggies so fast! He grew out of em in the lgs at only 3 a week and a half! But he has thick legs...when he grewout of em, I had DH get Pampers Swaddlers and I hve been loving em, but I did notice, that yea, for some odd reason, when I checked him today, he had leaked, u pwards and out.t. MaybeIng should tighten them at the waist. then...because later when he dirtied another diaper the poop was running that way....but at the bottom it NEVER leaks! For the record, The reason I felt Huggies weretoo tiny, was because they were doing this upward thing every diaper, but I couldn't simply tighten them at the waist because it tightened at his legs too so it didn't work well. This is my first, so we're still experimenting.


Ashley86 - December 20

Forgive the grammar and such mistakes. Wow I read my own post, and Omg. For the record I am posting from my cell phone and it does predict text whether I want it to or not, so unless I watch every single word I type, it will sometimes pop odd words in here and there and the space key sometimes isn't as sensitive as I'd like it to be....Ds grew out of Huggies in the lgs at ONE and ahalf weeks, not phone just threw that 3 in there on its own. If some of my posts show like that, please don't misjudged me heh. I'm not an illiterate fool!



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