Panic Attacks

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SARAH23 - May 30

Hi i suffer from panic attacks and agoraphobia. Im nearly 39 wks pregnant and am scared of leaving the house and going into hospital. I keep thinking about it every day like what happens if i have a panic in the hospital while im giving birth. Just wondered if anyone had any advice?


soimpatient - May 30

Have you thought about having a home birth?


SuzieQ - May 30

Ok - I wouldn't worry about getting an attack while giving birth. Your body will be doing what it needs to - contractions, breathing, etc - and I highly doubt a panic attack will occur. Most panic attacks are a result of a trigger thought and a flight or fight response will happen. When you're in labour, I think your body will be too busy taking care of itself! If you do get an attack, it's not the end of the world as I'm sure you've had them before and survived just fine. (I get them too btw). I'm not sure what to recommend about the agroaphobia though. Have you asked your doc about this?


SARAH23 - May 31

I have thought about having a home birth but it does appeal to me as this is my first pregnancy. I am seeing a hynotherapist at the moment to try and overcome the agoraphobia but is a slow process. I have spoken to my doctor but is useless.


Mysticmoon02 - June 1

Have you ever had your thyroid checked? I am 33 weeks and I have a thyroid disease. Thyroid function can have alot to do with what your feeling. I have the same worries you have about the panic attacks during labor. I hate panic attacks so much. I was a med called Attenenol for most of my pregnancy and it did help. But you have to start taking right away in pregnancy. I also had agoraphobia with my last pregnancy I got better after I took some antidepressant pills {Wellbutrin}and got closer to delivery. I was fine when it came time to go to the hospital. I was relieved. Good luck to you!!


Been There - June 1

Do you visit the doctor's office for your prenatal checkups? Maybe you could try a dry run visit to the hospital. Take a tour, become family with the maternity ward. Maybe a little familiarity will help to calm some of your fears. I don't know how deep the fear goes, so I'm not sure if it's totally leaving the house or being out of the house for so long. Maybe taking something from home that will make you feel a little more comfortable will help.



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