Panick Attacks

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Lindsay - January 20

Hi I just started getting what I can only describe as the physical side of a panick attack...I dont have panick attacks, never had. What I get is racing heart, overload of adrenaline it feels like, but instead of getting the energy rush from the adrenaline, it overcomes me and I get extremely weak, sometimes to the point of getting mild tunnel-vision, like I'm being suffocated or not getting enough blood. This always happens if I lay on my back, or even lean back. Its driving me crazy bc my ribs hurt if I lean forward too long. Anyone else have this? What is it?? How can I make it stop, this can't be healthy..


izzy1052 - January 20

same problem here...


Rachael - January 20

I read somewhere that laying on your back can cause problems. The weight of your uterus cuts off circulation through the vein that takes blood back to your heart . Maybe this is what's happening, but just really severe.


yungmama - January 20

Try laying on your side (left side is the best). When you lay on your back the baby is laying on major veins and arteries. Most likely that is what is causing the problem. But it will not hurt to call the doctor and be safe.


28 wks - January 20

Tell the dr to be safe! I have those sometimes and im on anxiety medication. When i weaned myself off the meds bc of pregnancy I started having them again so im taking a low dose again.


Melissa - January 20

Could also maybeee low blood pressure, since it makes you dizzzy. Me, I have trouble breathing sometimes (belly pressing against lungs) and the more I think about it, the more I kinda panic. That`s how you get a panic attack: you focus on symptoms and make yourself panic. BUT, you cannot die from it, so ba__sicaly the best thing is to take deep breath and talk to yourself. I was on meds for anxiety, but stopped before I got pregnant. I have some small panic attacks sometimes. What I am scarred is to have one at the hospital, but my doctor said that it is an option to take ativan when in labor (meds for calming down)...but I will still try the breathing first.


Lindsay - January 20

good advice, but mine has no mental part to it. Its unpleasant but I am not mentally panicking, I just feel bad and bc whatever I have is dumping adrenaline in my system it feels like Im panicking although I am happens even when I am on my side sometimes, but always when I lean back. Ill have to ask my doc about it, thanks ladies.


dboth - January 20

Lindsay-Sometimes you can get a rapid heartbeat or palpitations from all the blood that your heart is pumping. You heart is working harder due to the extra weight you are carrying as well as the extra blood that is flowing through you and the baby. It is VERY normal...especially when laying down. I find that I get it al ot after I eat as well. I just recently went to the doctor and had an EKG to make sure everything was fine and it was. The doctor just told me it was normal last trimester symptoms and not to worry too much about it...Check with your doctor to be safe but it's probably nothing...


Elle - January 20

I am 32 weeks and just noticed these feelings as well! So scary and uncomfortable - glad I'm not the only one! I found that laying in a somewhat upright position helped tremendously, like with my upper body elevated. I told my DH we need to buy a recliner now! I also have low blood pressure but don't know if that has anything to do with it. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon! And please do share if you find a good remedy!



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