Papsmear In Third Trimester

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Shelly - June 3

hi, i'm 30 weeks pregnant and yesterday i had a papsmear done, but my ob was i guess not very carefull because i started bleeding really bad even my ob and nurse freaked out. I did quit bleeding and my ob explained to me that she probably ruptured a bloodvassel which caused all the bleeding but she did a ultrasound to make sure that it didn't come from the placenta and everything seemed fine. Today i'm just spotting a little bit but my whole abdomen feels sooooo sensitive with once in a while a sharp pain by my va___a. Has anybody experienced anything like this?And has anybody had a abnormal result from a papsmear during pregnancy?


Luna - June 3

Why did your doc do a pap this late in the game? I had a pap done at my very first visit at like 7 weeks. I haven't heard of this before, not saying it cannot be the norm. My results were fine btw. Hope you get to feeling better! Good Luck.


leslie - June 3

I too don't understand why would your doctor do a papsmear at 30 weeks...I thought it was very dangerous to do things like that when pregnant..people has told me not to let no one down there unless is to check if I you are ready for labor! I don't know..but I think you should talk to your doc about sounds scary, if he was scared its b/c he doesn't know EXACTLY what he is doing..just my opinion thought Good luck!


Rosie - June 4

It does seem very strange, I got my papsmear when I was like 5 weeks pregnant, maybe you should consult another doctor. This one doesn't seem to know what he is doing. Good Luck !


Summer - June 5

I had a pap smear done when I first found out I was pregnant, around 8 weeks, then the results came back abnormal, so I had to have a colposcopy/biopsy, and I think that was around 16 weeks?? Anyway, the results came back normal from that, and they did a follow up pap smear at 30 weeks to make sure everything was fine, and it all came back normal. I bled a little at my second pap smear too, and she said it was normal to bleed a bit, and then put some jelly kinda medicine on it which I later leaked out. But, don't be scared, cause I am now 36 weeks pregnant and doing just fine, and haven't worried about those pap smears since! =)


Shelly - June 7

My doc called me today and the results of my paps came back normal.I quit bleeding 2 days ago and i do feel a lot better.


Jenn - June 7

The PAP is to test for GroupB Strep and other infections that may cause complications if the baby is born v____ally.



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