Past My Due Date Are You

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Tye - May 22

I am now 3 days past my due date and I am sooo uncomfortable. My bottom constantly feels cramped and period-like and the baby is constantly pushing on my bowls to where it feels like knife-like pain. Just bending over or getting up to go to the bathroom-which is like eighty times a day-causes painful nasty contractions. All my kids are sick-those of you that might remember my sick kid sneezing and coughing all over my kids at Wal-Mart story-well the kids got it now! So now I feel like the house is germy-the kids are miserable-I'm miserable and lonely-I need to do a few more things before baby comes and have noooo energy to do it! So it's like I'm so ready for this to end but at the same time not! Sorry- I just needed to let this out and wondered how you all out there are coping if you are in a similar situation. Ouch! Arg! I hurt soo bad- but it never seems to be labor. Siiiigh!


krista-lee - May 22

ugh i feel the same way. im due in 3 days and i feel those cramps ALL the time! they never go away. i keep getting stronger pains too and its never labor, im starting to think ill be pregnant forever. hang in there with me!


Tye - May 22

Thanks krista-lee. God I know! I don't think she'll ever want to come out!!! When is this ever going to end!!!


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 22

I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels like this will never end. I am 39 weeks and nothing is happening!


LW - May 22

Oh yeah! Tye - we must have been due the same day (Friday the 19th?) and are now in the over due boat. You know, this whole pregnancy (My first) has been EASY - no sickness no MAJOR issues (just the run of the mill complaints, sore hips, heartburn etc.) but the last 2 weeks have been INSANE!!! It's like being 8 and your parents telling you EVERY DAY for 9 months that you're going to Disney land but not telling you the exact day. It's craziness!! We've been on the "stay home and stay on baby watch" plan for the past week and finally I'd had enough last night so we went to the movies (saw The Davinci Code - i liked it!) Let me tell you though, that if you're half as sick and tired of waiting as I am, you must be a cranky girl too!! Thankfully, I go to the doctor early tomorrow morning to talk about induction (as baby has been measuring big) I guess all I can say is dig your heels in, get a nice big bag of Oreos (I find then almost therapeutic at this point!!!) and know you're not alone!!! BEST OF LUCK!!


Leanne_ - May 22

I'm 2 days overdue...when will it end!!! Guess I should be patient. It's all worth it in the end.


mejjohnson - May 23

I am 4 days past my due date and going nuts, can't wait to have this baby!!! :) Labor vibes to all of you who need them!!


lori - May 23

I'm 40 weeks and a day, today. I went to the Dr. this morning and had my first internal and unforetunately she said nothing was happening, my cervix is completely closed. So I guess I have to keep waiting. If I don't have the baby by next Monday I go in for an u/s and fetal a__sesment. Based on the results, my Dr. said then we might start talking about induction. I really hope I don't make it that far, I hear labour is worse when you induce. I feel like an over stuffed sausage and relatives and friends are always calling now to see if I have had the baby yet. I feel not too bad other than being tired, unable to bend and my nose has been totally stuffed up for two months now which is the most anoying thing for me. Like it's not bad enough I can hardly breath because of the pressure on my lungs, now I can breath out of my nose either. I can' t wait to have this baby. Everyday I think I'm ready and every night I remember one more thing I have to do the next day. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here that's past due (misery does love company), but I hope you all go into labour soon.


Ba8y6irl - May 24

I am 2 days overdue!! Get this baby out!!!



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