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afireinsideamanda - October 1

it might be semi amusing, just thought i would ask if any of you have ever had really hostile feelings towards their ob??? i had a dream last night that at my next appt my ob told me i wasnt dilated at all, still and i started calling him a liar, kicked him in the face, blood was pouring out of his nose, and then i started hysterically crying and freaking out... i think this probably just mirrors my frustrations of everyday life.. but the thing is, i dont really like my drs much... i shouldve switched a while ago. you can bet i wont be using these drs next time...


falafal0 - October 1

That's some dream! I've never had a dream like that or the feelings that it might cause in my five pregnancies. I've definately felt indifference and frustrated, but nothing major. You've got to change doctors! :-) I actually had a dream the other night about my baby son being in the hopsital and I was at home trying to organise the kids and DH to go and be with him. It was a weird dream, and I hope it does not come true...dreams can really get out there while pregnant. I've had some doozies.


mrssolo - October 1

When I had ds like 8 years ago and I was just 18 years old, I freaked out on the L&D nurse I started to call her names and told her to get the F*&% out of my room. They found another nurse and I was fine. It was just something about her. I was all drugged up and didn't like her, LOL, I feel so bad about now but what could I do. I'm sure its just your fustrations that caused the dream.


afireinsideamanda - October 1

funny thing is, thank god it wasnt a real kinda thing. i went into the dr today and i had started dilatiing. ms solo~ that is so funny. i feel bad for your nurse. did she cry?


mrssolo - October 1

She didn't cry but I'm still embarra__sed by my actions. There was nothing I could do and I couldn’t take it back. It’s amazing what a little bit of drugs do to a person, lol. I felt terrible about it. Well good thing you had started dilating, lol or they would have been in trouble.


Cojeom - October 2

afireinsideamanda-I have had those same violent dreams this pregnancy (my first) and it was always directed towards my sister. It got really bad in the first trimester. My sister is my best friend and I was horrified by my dreams. The only way I could make them go away was by talking to her more on the phone (we live 6K miles away from each other). After a few weeks of talking 3 times a week, the dreams ended. I think my dream violence was just my frustration in real life, being so far away without her to lean on. Sounds like you need to switch dr's. Is there another one in the office you like? Imagine how frustrated your going to be when you go to deliver and your in pain and DR's that you can't stand are just standing around being useless, they'll probaly get an earfull from you. :)


afireinsideamanda - October 2

im going to try to avoid that



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