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Hol - December 28

I am 7 months pregnant and looking to find a pediatrician. I have a few recommendations from my midwives. Do I just call the office and set up a meeting with the doc? What kinds of questions should I ask? Anyone done this yet? Thanks for your help!


mjvdec01 - December 28

First thing you need to to is a google searchon each of the doctors you are considering. Just type in the doctors name and if there is anything you should know about the doctor, like disciplinary action or insurance fraud it will come up. It could also list achievements, and that is good to know also. If you are satisfied with what you read then call the office and let them know that you want to set up an appointment to interview the doctor. you need to ask questions like, 'how do you feel about the use of antibiotics in infants and children, how do you feel about controversial immunizations(there is one given around age two that is suspected by many to be the cause of autism) Wether or not he is available in the evenings or on weekends by phone or if you would at times have to speak to another doctor that you don't know. You can also ask how ling he has been in practice, if he has any children of his own (which if he soes have children can be very helpful because he has been through it all) Over all you just need to feel like this is someone you can really talk to and feel comfortable asking questions. If he seems over bearing or is rushing you then I would move in to someone else. Also, if you deliver in a hospital the baby will see one of the pediatricians there and maybe you will really like the him or her and the decision will be easy. It can be intimidating interviewing a doctor, but you have to be comfortable. The doctor should be very open in answering ALL of your questions, there is no reason for him not to be unless he is hiding something or feels bothered be your inquirys. Hope this helps!


mjvdec01 - December 28

Also, make sure your hubby goes with you, you both have to feel good about the decision, and you both have to be comfortable with the doctor.


Jilloh - December 28

yes once you decide who to call just call and tell them you want to set up a meet and greet for becoming a potential doctor. Explain to them that you are so far along and starting to seek out. I agree take hubby with you. Ask what their policy door? Walk in without appointment during office hours? the policy on immunizations (parents should have the main say but some doctors don't want to relinquish that power)? ask them how long they have been doing the work of peditrician? Find out if they have kids? Just random stuff....small talk!


HeavenisMine - December 28

WHen I got my daughter set up with a pediatrician, it was from a recommendation sheet given to me by the hospital. I waited until the day after she was born. I called, told them I just had my daughter, she needed a doctor and an appointment. They simply asked for her name, address, and what kind of insurance she'd be covered by and we had an appointment and a pediatrician. I suggest finding one sooner though, the other girls suggestions are better, mine was just quick. I got a good doctor though, we're satisfied with him, the practice and the care.


Hol - December 29

Thanks for the help!



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