Pediatrician Or Family Doctor

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Ba8y6irl - April 24

How many of you actually went out and got a pediatrician for the baby? How many have decided just to stick with a Family Doctor? What a the Pros and Cons? I am new at this and contemplating on going and recruiting a pediatrician and a family doctor (cuz I am moving to a new town). I will be getting a family doctor... Should I even bother trying to find a pediatrician too?


pbj - April 24

I don't know about where you live, but our family doctor won't treat infants. I think he may start seeing my LO when she's 5 or 6 yrs. Then again that may just be my doctor...I think the malpractice ins. is higher when treating infants. I think one con in my dh & I having separate doctors is my doc. and dd's doc sometimes have conflicting opinions. It's even worse that my doc used to be a pediatrician.


Ba8y6irl - April 24

I live in Toronto Canada. But thanks for your response. Too bad that you doc wont treat your dd, but I dont think he should have the right to have an opinion on your dd health if he refused to treat her.... the different doctor issue is one I have thought about, thats why I was looking just to get a family doctor, hopefully one who will treat infants too... I dont want to be doctor jumping everywhere.... :)


bean - April 24

This is totally my own personal opinion - but I would think that a specialist (i.e. a pediatrician) would be better at treating babies than a family doctor who deals with all ages. Dcts only have so much time to do research, and I'd rather my child's dct spent all his/her time learning and treating children rather than, for example, elderly issues.


Ba8y6irl - April 24

thats a very good opinion bean... thats one of my concerns in this issue... will I find a family doctor that has spent extensive time treating infants? or should I just get a pediatrician...


Higgy - April 24

ba8ygirl - You are lucky to have the option. I live just North of Toronto in Orangeville and I was on a waiting list for almost 2 years just to get a family doctor. I just got one about a month ago. My baby will be going there as there just are no pediatrician close by for me.


San - April 24

I live just south of you Ba8y6irl and I take my daughter to my family doctor and haven't had a problem with it. I guess it depends on where you're moving because as Higgy said there are a shortage of fam docs around. GL!


fatinha - April 24

I live in Europe and with my 5 year old son I went to 3 or 4 different pediatricians and I never really liked them they made me feel incompetent as a mom. Everytime my son was sick the pedi wasn´t working that day etc. My son has been seeing our family doctor since he was born and I have no complaints when there is something he is not sure about he sends me to a specialist... Now with number two on the day I really want a pedi (a good one) but I will continue with my family doctor because I know I can count on him at any time of the day. In my opinion I think having both doctor on hand is a good idea..


Laurabb4 - April 24

Hi, I took my first to a family practice for his first 10 months of his life. Switched to a pediatrician. I have found my pediatrician to be very good! Much more educated with children and the care and attention we receive both dh and I really like! Just my opinion.


mama3 - April 24

I have found that a pediatrician go out of there way to make the baby/child feel more relaxed and comfy. Were most family drs who do treat baby's tend to treat them just like another patient. I have found more love and compa__sion with a pediatrician. Best of luck in you decision.


Karen S - April 24

I have a pediatrician just because I really dont have a family doctor. My pediatrician is a close friend of my fiances family though. It's weird to think that me and my fiance went to the u2 concert with our pediatrician and his wife. Im sure not many people do that kind of thing but he's cool like that:)


Tess - April 24

Im not there yet......I plan to get a pediatrician for my little girl I just think theyre more on hand w/ the baby/children vs. a family doctor.


Camilla - April 24

I didn't have a choice who to go with, as my family doctor doesn't do immunizations! So maybe that's something to ask, when you find a family doctor. I ended up choosing a pediatrician from a list they gave me in hospital. At my 1 week baby check-up he did seem pretty good and definitely very experienced!


Ba8y6irl - April 25

Where do you live San? I am moving to Oakville May 1st, so thats why I am getting a new doctor...


San - April 25

I live in St.Catharines Ba8y6irl. I'm not sure what the situation is in Oakville for family doctors but good luck to you. How far along are you and are you planning on keeping your T.O OB for your delivery?


Ba8y6irl - April 26

yeah I will keep going to the T.O doc till after birth. I will also still give birth at St. Mikes. But after I will need a doc. :)



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