Pedicures Cause Contractions

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mcatherine - July 3

Ok, who's heard this one?


dee23 - July 3

someone had written recently on another thread that if they ma__sage your ankles it could cause contractions or something like that.....thats all ive heard about it.


Mellissa - July 3

my sister told me that there is a specific spot that if rubbed too hard can cause contractions. i think it's somewhere above the ankle, i'm not sure.


Angiconda - July 4

Yes it is true there is a place and I believe it is around your ankel that when ma__saged can cause contractions so if you go to have a pedi just make sure they know what they are doing and make sure they dont ma__sage, otherwise ENJOY! :)


Laurabb4 - July 4

I have gotten a pedicure with each pregnancy at 37 weeks. I have had contractions that night after each time. I have not gone into labor. I had a pedicure today I am 37 1/2 weeks I have been having contractions for about 4 hours now. Not painful, period cramp feelings. I wish they would get worse. So, for me I get contractions not sure if it is because of the pedicure for sure or not. I have heard there is a spot on your feet that can cause you to have contractions.


livdea - July 4

recently I had a pedi, just a few days ago, I'm almost 39 weeks. unfortunately my pedicureist sucked but the following day I had a ma__sage. I told the ma__sues to put me into labor! So she showed me the spots to rub, one is around your ankle, she ma__saged my ankle in a circular motion for a bit, the second is right below the ball of your foot, she put a lot of pressure there and the third is inbetween your thumb and pointer finger. I've been rubbing them all and really haven't noticed any major contractions! but those are the spots she informed me of!


starr - July 4

Never heard of that one.Although I do remember hearing something on Discovery Health House of Babies about a certain spot on the foot that could cause contractions. I had 2 pedicures during my pregnancy with vigorous ma__saging of swollen feet and ankles(:0uch)and never thought about that one.


clare - July 4

lol i know thers a specific spot you can rub on your feet to get cramp!! lol


mcatherine - July 5

I keep hearing this here and there - but my doctor laughed at me this morning when I asked her about it. I guess we can only a__sume it's another old wive's tale. Thanks for all your input!


Tanna - July 5

I thought rubbing in between your thumb and pointer was for headaches? : )


ajohnstone - July 9

I am 36 weeks and had a pedi about 3 weeks ago. My lady was careful not to rub as vigorously and she said she had to avoid the area around my heel and arch area. She also said that she was not able to use the peppermint stuff on my feet like she routinely does.


everthiki - July 10

I am 34 weeks and have been getting regular pedicures my whole pregnancy...lately I have noticed cramping afterwards...but nothing severe. I didn't think it could be due to the ma__saging!



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