Peeing In The Cup

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Cassie - November 2

Ok, I know you all have to give urine samples too, so I'm hoping this isn't tmi. Yesterday I had an appointment and had to give a sample. It is sooo hard to do that now because my big ol' belly gets in the way! I can't see if I'm actually peeing in the cup or the toilet! I think the nurses thought I was crazy for being in the bathroom so long. Please tell me others have had this problem. I feel so silly.


Charity - November 2

I went Monday and I thought I was gonna have that same problem. But it was ok. Don't feel silly. I asked my other half to help me save and he just laughed at me.


Jen - November 2

You're gonna love this... I went for my weekly appointment last Friday and had to give a urine sample. I went into the restroom and peed in the little cup and set it on the sink ledge. I finished my business, and then went to put the lid on the cup, and ended up smashing the cup! Urine went everywhere!!!!!! It was all over the sink and floor, and some even got on my pants! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I poured the 10 drops that were left in the busted cup into a new cup and cleaned up the mess the best that I could. When I handed the nurse a cup that was practically empty after being in there for like 10 minutes I felt like the biggest idiot! So, don't feel bad- it happens!


Kris10 - November 2

Jen - I have a story to match that. It was a few weeks ago, Dr asked for the urine sample. I went into the bathroom, had the cup in my hand, and when I peed - I peed in the toliet and didn't even think about catching it in the cup! How stupid is that! I think I just had to go too badly, that I wasn't thinking straight. I felt like a dork when I was in there for 5 minutes and didn't have a drop in the stupid cup!! :)


Kerri - November 2

Hi, I have the same problem too and think its really dumb to go unless its in a larger cup as I can't see down there either. But when I was in the hospital earlier in my pregnancy for my sciatic nerve they used what they call a hat. Which you place under the lid on the toilet seat and it catches the urine easily and can be collected much better rather trying in the cup. I can totally sympathize!


Jen - November 2

Kris10- hee...hee! Just blame that one on "pregnancy brain!" Were you ever able to give a sample?


Kris10 - November 2

jen- I downed about four gla__ses of water, and after my exam I managed to give about three drops, which they said was enough thankfully! :) I just felt so dumb - it was totally a case of pregnancy brain!


jena - November 2

Jen - I did the SAME thing. I grabbed the cup, sat down, and peed. Luckily I had just drank a ton of water, so I basically waited a few minutes and then could get a few drops out - I was SO embarra__sed, especially after coming out to two people waiting to use the bathroom! My husband laughed when I told him :)


Miranda - November 2

Ca__sie..I am in the same boat as you are! lol I'm about 38+ weeks now and my belly is huge..its so hard to know how to hold the cup so that my pee actually gets in and not all over my hand. Disgusting!! Happens to me every week since about week 34. :)


C - November 3

Kris10, me too!


Kris10 - November 3

So, I'm not the only one? lol :)


kav - November 3

I too have had this problem for weeks now. (I am now 36 weeks) I get them to give me a sterile closed vial ready for my next appt and just before I leave to go to that appt, I pee at home using a mirror! A bit crazy I know - but it saves embara__sment at the docs!


Ca__sie - November 3

Ladies, thank you so much for your stories! I hadn't heard of anyone else having this problem and feel much better now.... though sorry that there are others who go through the embarra__sment as well. Thank you for being honest and responding though! Btw, I'm 34 weeks now.... plenty more urine samples to go....



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