Peeing Problem Please Know What I M Talking About

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MommyMeg07 - February 12

Does anyone else feel like your pee is trapped? OMG, I can go pee, get up, walk 3 steps, and have to pee again. And it's not a full pee - it's like - 2 drops worth, but it feels like I'm about to burst!!! It's only been like this for a couple of days - I think it's because she's lower. Please tell me someone else feels this way because it's driving me CRAZY!!!!


SaraH - February 12

If you actually are only peeing a small amount every time and always feeling like you have to go I'd double check that you don't have a UTI. That said I do have some idea what you are talking about. I can pee --and pee an okay amount, but it is really hard to actually completely empty my bladder sometimes. If that is your problem I've found that sometimes shifting my position on lifting up on my belly so that the baby's position is altered a bit sometimes helps. The baby is most likely just putting pressure on both the bladder and the urethra. Also I know especially when I have a BH or I am walking around/standing so that all of the babies weight is on my bladder, I often feel like I really really have to go but then when I do there is very little there to actually pee. So, as long as your sure that you don't have some sort of UTI, I wouldn't be to worried. The babies weight and pressure can make you feel like you have to go as well as make it harder to completely empty everything out.


Tammy276 - February 13

I am 34 weeks and have noticed this this past week....I feel like my bladder is full, and then I go and there is barely anything!! Then an hour later I feel full again and its the same thing.. I think its because shes moving down and putting more pressure on the bladder now.. I know its not a UTI for me, so it must just be the pressure thing.


DDT - February 13

Yup, I know what you mean (39w2d). I feel like I'm peeing all the time. And every time it feels like I'm about to burst but when I get down to actually peeing not very much comes out. Our bladders are much smaller at this stage in the pregnancy and can't hold very much...and feel full quickly. Oh joy!!


MommyMeg07 - February 13

Yay! DDT I was glad to hear you are feeling it b/c I'm about that far along as well. UUUUGH!!! I just want to go into LABOR already!! My due date is in 4 days!! Sarah, thanks for the warning, I've had some BAD UTI's in the past. I'm pretty sure it's not one, because it's not painful at all when I pee, and they check my urine every week - but if it weren't for that I'd def be worried. But yeah, i think it is just the pressure. Thanks girls!


tinkri - February 13

Like the other ladies have said, first make sure it is not a UTI. If it is just the baby's position, try leaning forward, backward and side to side while you are sitting on the toilet peeing. It sounds funny, but sometimes it is enough to shift the baby's position and allow more urine to flow. It worked for me all 3 pregnancies.


amyjo - February 13

I have had 2 uti's with no symptoms during this pregnancy (37 wks) so you might not get the burning sensation typically a__sociated with a uti. When I have to go I sit straight up first and squeeze out what I can, then move to the left - relax and go......then move to the right and do the same works for me. Make sure you have something to hold on to though!


HEATHER - February 13

yup! actually while im peeing ill be going and the flow will pause then start again with me still pushing it out. Wierd!!!


xoxticiaxox - February 13

This isss so normal, unless it burns when you pee. Before bed Ill go to the washroom, and then by the time I get back to the room I ahve to go again...its like did I even go yet...or what lol! It sucks alot! Im almost temped to wear a diaper...joking lol!


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

i had that with my rpevious babies but usually when i was in my 3rd tri i am 23 weeks and 2 days and I get that feeling im going to pee my pants but when i go its like drip drip drip thats it. My last u/s showed the baby bouncing its bum of my bladder so im 100% sure its the baby playing games with me lol. Its because the baby is pressed against your bladder making it fele full but when you go only a little comes out and when the baby does move you might get the feeling to go again because it was blocking some urine from leaving. completly normal.



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